Tutorial 5

De Soma Bringer
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0 Monster Traits
1 It is important to understand the
natures of the variety of monsters
that you will be facing.

<c4>【Perception Abilities】<c1>
Each monster's targeting range is
determined by the sense that it uses
to detect you, vision or hearing.
<c5>Vision<c1>: Monsters that use their eyes
have a blind spot behind them.
<c5>Hearing<c1>: Monsters that use their
ears will still hear you approach.

<c4>【Homing Instinct】<c1>
Monsters have a set range that they
will pursue you after noticing you.
If you leave this area, the monster
will return to its original location.
During this time, they cannot take any

When a monster loses HP, it can turn
red and go into Rage status. This
status involves the following changes:
・<c5>Increased attack power<c1>
・<c5>Faster attack and movement speed<c1>
・<c5>Immunity to Break<c1>
・<c5>30% decrease in all resistances<c1>
Be careful around enraged monsters.
2 Ranks/Leader
3 The strength of monsters varies
depending on their rank.
Higher-rank monsters are more likely to
drop better items.

<c5>Normal<c1>: The most common basic rank.
<c5>Captain<c1>: Same appearance as Normal
monsters, but with higher stats.
<c5>Legend<c1>: Have a unique appearance and
phenomenal strength.
<c5>Epic<c1>: Completely shrouded in mystery.

A monster's HP gauge changes in color
and appearance based on its rank.

There are some monsters that have the
ability to command others.
Normal monsters around a leader will
act in unison, focus on recovering the
leader's HP, and target enemies that
are attacking the leader, which makes
them difficult opponents.
4 Visitors
5 Visitors are <c5>parasites<c1> that take
control of other monsters. These
monsters are strengthened and become
more difficult than usual. Monsters
that have been parasitized have a <c5>V<c1>
icon below their HP gauges.
6 Elemental Weaknesses
7 Every monster has a particular
elemental vulnerability.
Attacking a monster with its weak
element will deal more damage and make
it easier to inflict status effects.
If you hit a monster with an ability
that attacks using this weak element,
a <c5>WEAK!<c1> sign will appear at the bottom
right of the monster's HP gauge.
<c3>* Additional damage from Orb effects
will not be displayed.<c1>
8 Monster Summoning
9 There are some monsters that have the
ability to <c5>summon<c1> other monsters.
If monsters seem to keep appearing no
matter how many you defeat, there may
be a summoner type nearby.

Defeating the summoner will prevent it
from drawing in any more monsters.
Also, there is a maximum limit to the
number of monsters that can be
summoned, so you can eventually stop
the summoning by defeating them all.
10 Protect
11 More powerful monsters protect
themselves from damage with a barrier
known as Protect.

<c5>Armor Protect<c1>: Absorbs physical damage
<c5>Magic Protect<c1>: Absorbs magical damage

How these barriers can be removed is
a complete mystery.