Tutorial 6

De Soma Bringer
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0 Multiple Players
1 During Multiplay, the following things
change based on the number of

1: Monsters become stronger.
2: Monsters drop chests more often.
3: Chests contain more items.
4: Monsters give more EXP.
5: Captain and Legend monsters appear
more often.

The more players there are, the
stronger monsters will get, but in
exchange you will find more items.
2 Obtaining EXP
3 <c4>【How it's Earned】<c1>
As long as you're on the same map as
an ally, you will gain EXP (experience)
from monsters they defeat no matter
how far away you are. If you are on
different maps, you won't earn any EXP
from monsters your ally defeats.

<c4>【EXP Correction】<c1>
You will not earn much EXP from monsters your ally defeats if their level is
too far away from your own.
4 Sharing Soma Gates
5 When one player creates a Soma Gate,
other players can use it freely, and
it will not disappear when they return
to the field.
Also, if you want to quickly meet up
with your allies, have one player on
the field place a Soma Gate. The other
players can then use the gate that
appears back at base to easily travel
to their ally's location.
6 Item Trading
7 If you want to trade items with other
players, speak to Myrtle and select
the Trade option to view the Trading
Deposit the item(s) to trade into your
own box, then collect any item(s) you
want to receive from your partner's
box to complete the exchange.
8 Locating Allies
9 If you want to know the locations of
the other players, you can select <c5>Map<c1>
from the <c5>Main Menu<c1>.
Players in the same area will show up
on the <c5>Radar Map<c1>, while the <c5>Area Map<c1>
will display the current positions of
players in other areas.