Tutorial 4

De Soma Bringer
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0 Item Info
1 To view an item's abilities or an
explanation of its effects, select
Items on the Menu screen and press
the <ir> button.
2 Equipment Quality
3 There are two types of equipment:
<c5>Normal Items<c1> with base stats, and
<c5>Magical Items<c1> with added bonuses
called Item Abilities.
These abilities are generated randomly,
which means that weapons with the
same name may still have different

Furthermore, Magical Items are divided
into four ranks, which can be
distinguished by the item's icon color.
White: <c5>Normal Items<c1>
(only base stats)
Blue: <c5>Magic Items<c1>
(bonus added)
Yellow: <c5>Legendary Items<c1>
(powerful bonus added)
Green: <c5>Relic Items<c1>
(even stronger bonus added)
Red: <c5>Ancient Items<c1>
(predetermined bonus added)
4 Chest Colors
5 Treasure chests differ based on the
rank of the items they contain.
Wooden: <c5>Normal<c1>, <c5>Magical<c1>
Silver: <c5>Legendary<c1>
Golden: <c5>Relic<c1>, <c5>Enchanted<c1>

When a monster drops anything other
than equipment, a bag appears instead.
6 Dropped Chests
7 If one player takes the contents of a
treasure chest placed on the map,
nobody else gets any loot.
On the other hand, when a monster
drops a treasure chest, there's no
need to hurry because it has separate
contents for each player.

Warning: If more than 20 chests are
dropped on the map at any time, the
oldest one will disappear.
8 Item Features
9 <c4>【Cooldown Time】<c1>
After using recovery items, you have
to wait a set amount of time before
they can be used again.
If you use them recklessly, you may
not be able to use them when you
really need them, so be careful.

<c4>【Recovery Items】<c1>
Items in the Soma Crystal and Life
Bottle family restore a different
amount for each class.
Also, recovery items are divided into
two types, instant recovery and
gradual recovery.

Items of the same type can be stacked
up to a certain number. This number islower the more powerful the item.
When an item's stock is full, its
quantity indicator will turn red.
10 Combining Orbs
11 An orb's level can be raised by
combining it with another orb of the
same type, increasing its effects.
However, each orb has a different
maximum level, so be careful not to
let any orbs go to waste.

Combining different types of orbs will
generate an orb of a new type.
However, this is random, so you won't
know what type of orb you're getting
until the process is complete.
12 Attaching Orbs
13 Every single piece of equipment can
have 1 orb attached to it. Once it is
attached, the equipment will inherit an
effect corresponding to the type and
level of the orb.
Attached orbs can be removed later
using a Detach Orb.

To combine or equip orbs, go see Blik
on the Schildkröte.