Tutorial 3

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0 Break
1 <c4>【What is Break?】<c1>
Break is a special action caused by
accumulating damage.
While affected by Break, the target
cannot move and takes increased

When anything is hit by an attack, it
receives Break Damage. As this damage
accumulates, <c5>!<c1> signs appear above the
target's head. When three <c5>!!!<c1>s appear,
a Break happens.

<c4>【Go for Break!】<c1>
This is an explanation of how to
cause Break.

First, deal damage to your target. The
more damage, the easier it is to cause
Break, but high-damage abilities are
usually slow, so start by using fast
attacks that don't consume much SP.

Once the <c5>!!<c1> sign appears above the
monster's head, switch to attacks that
have a <c5>Break Effect<c1>.
Once the <c5>!!!<c1> sign appears, a Break will

What happens next depends on the
Break Effect of the attack that
caused the Break. This effect is
written in the ability's description, so
check there to see what it does.

For example, with effects such as
<c5>Juggle<c1> or <c5>Launch<c1>, you can knock the
monster into the air, making it easier
to continue attacking.
All attacks will successfully connect
during a Break, so go for powerful
abilities that cause a lot of damage.

Skillful use of Break can shift a
battle to your favor. Conversely, you
can get into big trouble if you or
your allies are hit with a Break, so
watch out for any red <c3>!<c1> signs.
2 Break Effects
3 Attacks can have certain impacts on
monsters when they cause a Break.
These are known as Break Effects.

<c4>【Types of Break Effects】<c1>
<c5>Knockback<c1>: push backwards
<c5>Juggle<c1>: hit diagonally upwards
<c5>Launch<c1>: hit vertically upwards
<c5>Knockdown<c1>: slam onto the ground

Abilities that have no Break Effect
written in their descriptions will cause
the monster to jerk back and stop
whatever it was doing. By skillfully
using these Break Effects, you can
chain them together into a combo.
Each effect's strength depends on the
weight of the enemy - light enemies
will float high into the air, while
heavy enemies will only move a short
4 Burst Hits
5 Attacks dealt during a Break all
become Burst Hits that deal increased

The effect of a hit changes for a
Burst Hit, which can be distinct from
normal damage.
6 Counter/S-Break
7 There is a technique known as <c5>Counter<c1>
you can use when aiming for a Break.
When you deal damage to your target
<c5>when it has started to attack but has
not hit yet<c1>, it will deal more Break
Damage than usual.
For example, if you attack a monster
after it raises its sword but before
it hits you, you will Counter it.
<c3>* Watch out - the stronger the ability
you are using, the more Break Damage
you will take if it is Countered.<c1>

Furthermore, if you cause a Break with
a Counter, it will become an S (Super)
Break. S-Breaks have the following
・<c5>Break Effects cover more distance.<c1>
・<c5>Burst Hits deal more damage.<c1>

This strategy comes with the big risk
of taking more hits from monsters, so
wait to try for it until you've already
dealt a large amount of Break Damage.
8 Avoiding Breaks
9 There are three ways to make it
harder for Monsters to Break you.

<c4>【1: Reduce the damage you take】<c1>
・<c5>Raise DEF and elemental resistances
using equipment.<c1>
・<c5>Raise your VIT via the Stats screen.<c1>
You can make yourself tougher by
raising your DEF through VIT and/or
equipping a shield. You can raise your
resistances with equipment and orbs,
or by using support abilities.

<c4>【2: Use recovery items】<c1>
A Guts Drink will completely restore
your Break Damage. You can also
restore some by using HP recovery
items like Life Bottles and Magic

<c4>【3: Let it recover naturally】<c1>
Break Damage will gradually recover by
itself as time passes.
10 Impact Damage
11 When monsters are knocked back due to
a Break Effect, you can deal further
damage if they hit an obstacle.
This affects players as well, so be
cautious when fighting in enclosed

Also, only for monsters, knockback can
cause damage if monsters hit each
other. When there is a crowd of
monsters, it may be advantageous to
aim for a knockback.
12 Selecting Targets
13 <c4>【Bows, Guns, and 1-Target Magic】<c1>
When using ranged attacks, a cursor
will automatically appear under your
target when you press down the button.
With the button held down, you can
change your target by pressing left
or right on the control pad.

Also, once you have selected a target
the targeting cursor will stay on that
target. If you want to use 1-target
magic to heal an ally, you can switch
the targeting cursor over to them
beforehand, allowing you to quickly
heal them in a pinch.

<c4>【Area Attacks】<c1>
Unlike 1-target magic, area magic and
traps are multiple-target spells with
an area cursor that must be moved
around manually.

While holding down the button, the
area cursor will appear at your feet.
You can then use the control pad to
move it around freely.

On the <c5>Save/Config<c1> menu under <c5>Options<c1>,
you can select <c5>Far<c1> to have the area
cursor start out a short distance
away, reducing the amount of time you
need to spend moving it.
14 Attributes
15 The eight attributes are divided into
two categories, physical attributes and
magical elements.

<c4>【Physical Attributes】<c1>
Weapons with piercing damage include
things like swords and bows, while
weapons with blunt damage include
things sticks and knuckles.
Raising your DEF reduces the damage
you take from these attributes.

<c4>【Magical Elements】<c1>
Raising the corresponding elemental
resistance will reduce the damage you
take from these elements, as well as
protect you from related status
These elements are opposites:
・<c5>Fire and Water<c1>
・<c5>Wind and Earth<c1>
・<c5>Light and Dark<c1>
For example, if a monster uses Dark
attacks, that means it's weak to Light.
Now you can use these relationships to
figure out a monster's weakness.

<c4>【Hit Effects】<c1>
These elements each have a related
Hit Effect in addition to dealing
<c3>* This also applies to Piercing and
Slashing damage.<c1>
16 Guard/Evasion
17 You can avoid taking any damage from
a physical attack by dodging it with
<c5>Evade<c1>, or halve the damage by
absorbing the blow with <c5>Guard<c1>.
However, you cannot defend against
magical attacks.

The probability of a Guard or Evade
happening depends primarily on your
<c5>SKL<c1>, but the difference between your
level and your opponent's will affect
it. You can also improve your chances
through equipment and support effects.
18 Back Attacks
19 If you are attacked from behind by
monsters, you won't be able to Guard
or evade, and you will take increased
Be careful not to turn your back when
a monster is preparing to attack.

Also, there are monsters that have the
ability to Guard and evade, so if you
don't seem to be doing much damage,
try attacking them from behind.
20 Added Effects
21 Added Effects are temporary conditions
that affect both players and monsters.
These affects have 3 categories:

<c5>Support<c1>: Gives advantages in battle
<c5>Status<c1>: Gives disadvantages in battle
<c5>Special<c1>: Unique personal support

You can only be affected by one
Added Effect from each category at a

For Support Effects, new effects can
always be applied. The old effect will
be overwritten, as you cannot have two
at once. However, for players only,
each ally can have a unique effect.
That means for a 3-player Multiplay
game, your party can have up to 3
different Support Effects.

For Status Effects, Petrify will erase
Poison. The rest depend upon the
effect's priority number.

For Special Effects, they behave
exactly like Support Effects, but they
only affect you.
22 Status Effects
23 Status Effects are each associated
with an element, and the chance that
they will be caused by an attack
depend on the target's resistance to
that element.
If you are being hit by Status Effects
from monster attacks, raise your
resistance to the approprate element.

<c5>Fatigue<c1>: Lowers DEF.
<c5>Exhaustion<c1>: Lowers ATK and Mag. ATK.
<c5>Pain<c1>: Multiplies physical (Piercing,
Blunt) damage taken by 1.5.

<c5>Snare<c1>: Lowers movement speed.
<c5>Slow<c1>: Lowers attack and cast speed.
<c5>Freeze<c1>: Renders you unable to move.
If you take any damage, you will be
destroyed (instant death).
* No tombstone will appear.

<c5>Blind<c1>: Lowers ACC and EVD.
<c5>Mute<c1>: Disables Active Abilities.

<c5>Paralyze<c1>: After using an Active Ability,
makes you unable to act for a short
<c5>Magnetize<c1>: Lowers Wind and Earth
resistances by one grade. This effect
can stack 3 times. Also, causes allied
characters to be pulled closer.
<c5>Petrify<c1>: Renders you unable to move.
If you take any damage, you will be
destroyed (instant death).
* No tombstone will appear.

<c5>Resist Down<c1>: Lowers all elemental
<c5>Stun<c1>: Renders you unable to move.

<c5>Poison<c1>: Repeatedly deals damage at
fixed intervals.
<c5>Toxin<c1>: Deals damage at fixed intervals
like Poison, but also causes Poison
in nearby allies.
<c5>Weak<c1>: Lowers ATK, Mag. ATK, DEF, ACC,
and EVD.
<c5>Death Chain<c1>: When the affected target
is defeated, the damage from the
killing blow chains to nearby allies.
<c5>Mirror<c1>: The target is sealed in the
mirror world, unable to interact with
the real world. While sealed, the target
takes suffocation damage over time.

<c4>【Special Effects】<c1>
<c5>Stop<c1>: Freezes time throughout the map,
preventing everyone but the user from
<c3>* As this affects the entire map,
other status effects remain active.<c1>
24 Party Members
25 All the members of Pharzuph that you
can use during Single Play have
different abilities they can use, so
you may want to change the characters
and combat styles you use depending
on the situation.
Also, the ability sets known as Form
Types that they can use will change
based on your Class Rank, widening
their combat abilities.
When your Class Rank increases, try
out your party members' new forms.
26 Healing your Party
27 When your party members lose HP, you
can go back to Myrtle to heal them,
but you can also heal them right on
the field with recovery items, bells,
and Green Pillars.
If your allies lose all of their HP,
they will withdraw to base, so pay
attention to their HP gauges as well.
28 Advanced Combat
29 <c4>【Basic Attacks are Only to Start】<c1>
The basic attack you can use from the
beginning is nice in that it does not
consume any SP. However, unlike
abilities, it cannot be leveled up.
This means that compared to abilities,
it will take a longer to defeat any
but the weakest of monsters, so it is
important to find abilities you can use
If you find yourself running out of SP
too quickly, use SP recovery items like
Soma Crystals during battle so that
you can continue to use Abilities.

<c4>【Critical versus Shock】<c1>
Critical hits do twice normal damage.
Shock hits do six times normal damage.

<c4>【Physical versus Magical】<c1>
<c5>Physical Attack<c1> damage is affected by
<c5>DEF<c1> and can be blocked by Guard and
<c5>Magical Attack<c1> damage is affected by
<c5>resistances<c1> and cannot be blocked.

<c4>【How does Absorb work?】<c1>
The item abilities HP Absorb and SP
Absorb restore a set percentage of
the physical damage (<c5>Piercing<c1>, <c5>Blunt<c1>)
that you deal to monsters.
Magical damage (<c5>Fire<c1>, <c5>Water<c1>, <c5>Wind<c1>,
<c5>Earth<c1>, <c5>Holy<c1>, <c5>Dark<c1>) is not included.

<c4>【How Does Damage Reflection Work?】<c1>
<c5>Iron Maiden<c1> reflects damage from melee
physical attacks back at the attacker.
Ranged attacks and magic cannot be

<c4>【Attack Speed and Cast Speed】<c1>
You may think that item abilities and
Support Effects that boost attack
speed would be worthless for magic
However, attack speed also includes
cast speed, so these abilities can
also reduce the time it takes to cast
magic spells.