Tutorial 2

De Soma Bringer
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0 Ability Levels
1 The maximum number of AP you can
assign to each ability is 20, but its
level can be raised beyond this limit
via equipment or other means.

Also, AP can be recovered from one
ability and assigned to another, so
try using and combining a variety of
2 Learning Abilities
3 Each class has 40 abilities, divided
among 4 different categories.
These abilities are classified by their
elements or the weapons they can be
used with.

You can assign a small amount of AP
to every ability, but they are not as
effective at lower levels. If you are
having trouble deciding which abilities
to learn, try the following steps:

1: Test every ability you have.
2: Choose a weapon to use and limit
your abilities to two categories.
3: Choose a limited number of abilities
and use your AP to improve them.
4: Identify unnecessary abilities and
reassign their AP to your main ones.
4 Assigning AP
5 When assigning AP, you can see the
data for the ability you've selected
on the bottom screen. The four icon
slots at the top right indicate:
・<c5>Status Effect<c1>
・<c5>Support Effect<c1>
・<c5>Special Effect<c1>
・<c5>Break Effect<c1>

These icons correspond to the effects
written in the ability's description, so
you can use them to learn which icons
correspond to which effects in battle.

<c4>【Status Effects】<c1>
Can inflict negative effects on the
<c3>* 1 type of effect per character.<c1>

<c4>【Support Effects】<c1>
Can grant positive effects to yourself
or your party.
<c3>* 1 effect for each player.<c1>
For a 3-player Multiplay, a maximum of
3 effects can be received.

<c4>【Special Effects】<c1>
Provides a support effect unique to
its class.
<c3>* 1 type of effect per character.<c1>

<c4>【Break Effects】<c1>
The force (knockback, launch, etc.)
that this ability will impart if it
causes a monster to Break.
6 Setting Abilities
7 There are two main types of abilities.
<c5>Active Abilities<c1>: Use with a button
<c5>Auto Abilities<c1>: Always active
For Active Abilities, don't forget to
assign them to a button after learning
Auto abilities will activate on their
own as soon as the condition is met,
so not button assignment is required.

<c4>【Swapping Ability Sets】<c1>
<c5>On the <c5>Set Abilities<c1> screen, you can
press <il> or <ir> to switch between
ability sets, allowing you to assign
more than 4 abilities at a time.
During battle, you can press <ir> to
instantly switch between ability sets.

The number of different ability sets
you can use will increase after you
meet certain conditions.
8 Arcane Magic
9 There are certain powerful magical
spells known as Arcane Magic that use
the field's energy. These expend a
great deal of the earth's Soma energy,
so multiple Arcane Magic spells cannot
be used at the same time on one map.
10 Battlers
11 <c4>【Battlers Traits】<c1>
Has the highest HP of any class, and
can wear the best equipment for DEF.
A powerful fighting class with the
ability to use many different weapons
and stat-raising abilities.

Specializes in melee attacks, so you
can act as a wall to protect your
allies, but you will want to raise VIT
to counteract the higher vulnerability
to Break.

Can use many weapons, so to make it
easier to decide which abilities to
learn, start with the category for your
main weapon.

The category for abilities unique to
Battlers is known as <c5>Guts<c1>.
<c5>Rage<c1>, which raises your ATK every time
you make a successful hit, can be
used to temporarily deal more damage.
When you're facing a formidable enemy,
<c5>Warcry<c1> can make the battle easier by
raising max HP and SP. Which of these
Guts abilities you choose to use will
make a big difference.

<c4>【Battlers Growth】<c1>
<c5>STR<c1>  ★★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★★
<c5>SKL<c1>  ★
12 Corps
13 <c4>【Corps Traits】<c1>
In addition to melee attack weapons,
Corps use holy magic for attacking,
Support Effects, and HP recovery.

Corps use a variety of skills, but you
shouldn't try to raise all of their
stats. Focus on STR for a weapons
specialist or MAG for a magic user.
Also, they have less DEF than the
adjacent classes, so don't neglect VIT.

1:<c5> Weapon attacks and support magic<c1>
2:<c5> Magic attacks and support magic<c1>
3:<c5> Combined attacks and support magic<c1>
Choose one of the above patterns and
select abilities accordingly, along with
appropriate support skills.

<c4>【Corps Growth】<c1>
<c5>STR<c1>  ★★
<c5>MAG<c1>  ★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★
<c5>SKL<c1>  ★
14 Darks
15 <c4>【Darks Traits】<c1>
A class that specializes in dark magic
that inflicts Status Effects on
monsters, as well as combat with large
two-handed weapons.

Has abilities that convert its own HP
into power for dark attacks that deal
heavy damage to monsters.
Also, its <c5>Dark Arts<c1> may seem quirky,
but it's important to lear how to use
them well.

The class has both weapon and magic
abilities, so you may want to raise
STR and MAG equally, but pick one to
emphasize and spend your CP wisely.

Two vital abilities to this class are
the dark-elemental attacks <c5>Dark Slash<c1>
and <c5>Dark Spike<c1>.
These are charge abilties that convert
HP to power and have a greater effect
the more times you use them. However,
there's the risk of killing yourself if
you use up excessive amounts of HP.
Also, you cannot move while charging,
so when you're facing monsters, think
about using the ACC-reducing <c5>Hazy Fog<c1>
to charge without taking damage.

<c4>【Darks Growth】<c1>
<c5>STR<c1>  ★★
<c5>MAG<c1>  ★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★
<c5>SKL<c1>  ★
16 Gunners
17 <c4>【Gunners Traits】<c1>
Gunners specialize at attacking enemies
from a distance using bows, guns, and
Traps can be used to inflict a wide
variety of Status Effects on monsters,
among other things.

Although they fight monsters from a
distance, with a low VIT it will be
very important to avoid taking damage.
You should raise SKL if you're going
to focus on weapon skills or MAG if
you're going to focus on traps, and
raise VIT too if you start to get
worried about DEF.

Under the Gunners' unique category,
<c5>Survival<c1>, the <c5>Paralyze Weapon<c1> skill
can reduce monsters' attack speed.
Traps deal damage when monsters enter
them, but won't do the maximum damage
if the enemy keeps moving. Think about
using a <c5>Pull Trap<c1> to direct enemies
onto other traps.

<c4>【Gunners Growth】<c1>
<c5>MAG<c1>  ★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★
<c5>SKL<c1>  ★★★
18 Kampfs
19 <c4>【Kampfs Traits】<c1>
Kampfs are the most powerful melee
fighters, with abilities that join
together to form combo attacks that
deal heavy damage. On the other hand,
you have to think about how to raise
stats and use abilities to make up for
their poor DEF.

The main feature of this class is its
ability to deal repeated damage in the
form of combo attacks.
Combo 1:<c5> The initial technique<c1>
Combo 2:<c5> A connecting ability<c1>
Combo 3:<c5> The finishing blow<c1>
Using these abilities in order will make
a blue Hit Effect sign appear, bringing
forth Combo 1's special Support Effect.
These abilities only need to be in
order - you have a wide variety of
abilities to choose from depending on
the monsters you will be facing.

<c3>* Important Combo Information<c1>
If an attack misses, the combo will be
cancelled. If you find yourself failing
to pull off a combo often, wait until
each attack connects before moving on
to the next one. There's no need to
press the buttons immediately after
one another.

<c4>【Kampfs Growth】<c1>
<c5>STR<c1>  ★★★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★
<c5>SKL<c1>  ★
20 Somas
21 <c4>【Somas Traits】<c1>
A class that manipulates the four
elements, commanding a wide variety of
attacks and Status Effect abilities.
As they grow they will learn powerful
abilities that affect monsters in a
large area.

Their abilities are all magic, so CP
should be spent primarily on MAG.
However, they have the lowest DEF of
all the classes, so some VIT is
important too.

Magic abilities all have a cast time
before they occur, so the vulnerable
Somas will be in trouble if monsters
approach while they are in the middle
of casting a spell.
You can do things like cast the water
spell <c5>Ice Bolt<c1> to slow down enemies
for long enough to cast powerful fire
magics, so try to come up with a good
combination of attack and support to
create a balanced fighter.

<c4>【Somas Growth】<c1>
<c5>MAG<c1>  ★★★
<c5>VIT<c1>  ★★