Tutorial 1

De Soma Bringer
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0 Pocket Mastery
1 When fighting strong monsters that
drain your HP quickly, use recovery
items such as Life Bottles frequently.
You can always find them in shops,
so there's no need to hoard them.
You may find them expensive at first,
but you will quickly make money by
selling unwanted items, so don't worry
about it too much.
If you find yourself forgetting to\nswitch back to Battle Mode from Pocket
Mode, go to <c5>Save/Config<c1>, then <c5>Options<c1>,
and switch Pocket Mode to Type <c5>2<c1>.
This will only enable Pocket Mode while
you hold down <il>, making it easier to
quickly switch back and forth between
combat and recovery.
2 Gates
3 The gates that exist all across the
world are teleportation devices that
allow you to instantly move between
certain points.
You can only travel to gates which
you have already activated.
To save yourself the trouble of
retracing your footsteps, don't forget
to activate any gates you come upon.

When you are returning from another
Act or a saved game and you start
off back at base, gates are useful
for quickly resuming your progress.

<c3>* Important Multiplay Note<c1>
In the event that your game progress
is different from that of the leader
(host), you may not be able to use
all of the gates you have activated
during Single Play. These gates will
become available as your scenario
progress catches up with them.

Conversely, if you have not made
enough progress in Single Play, you
may not be able to use the gates you
have activated in Multiplay.
4 Colored Pillars
5 The colored pillars that exist all
around the world grant a variety of
effects to nearby players depending
on their colors.

White: <c5>Recovery Pillar<c1>
・Heals all HP and SP.
Green: <c5>HP Recovery Pillar<c1>
・Heals all HP.
Blue: <c5>SP Recovery Pillar<c1>
・Heals all SP.
Red: <c3>one of the following temporary
<c5>Experience Pillar<c1>:
Multiplies earned EXP by 1.5
<c5>Attack Pillar<c1>:
Boosts ATK by 30%
<c5>Defense Pillar<c1>:
Boosts DEF by 30%
<c5>Ability Pillar<c1>:
Raises ability levels by 2
6 Stat Limits
7 Every stat (<c5>STR<c1>, <c5>MAG<c1>, <c5>VIT<c1>, <c5>SKL<c1>) has an
upper limit of 255, which cannot be
exceeded even with equipment bonuses.
You cannot recover CP once you have
assigned it, so keep these limits in
8 Shop Secrets
9 Not all equipment sold by a shop is\nidentical - sometimes Magic Items are
available. However, you won't know when
it will be for sale, so check shop
lists often.
10 Quests
11 You can receive quests from people
with a ? mark above their heads.
If you fulfill the request, the client
will give you a reward.
These include items that cannot be
found anywhere else, so don't forget
to undertake quests.
If you forget the details of a
request, you can always go over it
again on the Quest Log.
12 Respawning
13 If you are killed by monsters, a
tombstone will appear where you died
and you will respawn back at base.
You will lose EXP when you die, but
you can recover some of it by taking
back your tombstone.
If you are destroyed as a result of
Petrify or Freeze, no tombstone will
appear and you won't be able to
recover any EXP, so make sure to
raise your elemental resistances.

<c4>【Resurrection Abilities】<c1>
Corps and Somas can learn abilities
that resurrect defeated allies.
However, these abilities are only
available during Multiplay. Furthermore,
these abilities can only be used
before a defeated player has
respawned back at base.
14 Resuming Your Game
15 When you shut off the game or move
to another Act,
・<c5>Dropped chests<c1>
・<c5>Soma Gates<c1>
will all disappear.
・<c5>Pre-placed chests<c1>
will all reappear, and monsters will be
restored to full HP.
<c3>* Some monsters do not revive.<c1>
Also, you will restart back at base
when you resume your game, so you
will have to retrace your steps unless
you have been activating gates.