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De Soma Bringer
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6 ACT6
7 Junel Mission
8 Head into the depths of Junel Forest!
9 Southern Barnea, Euros Region.
Junel Forest.
Pharzuph 7th Division, led by Captain
Einsatz Ostinato, has orders to
investigate a Soma field abnormality
detected within Junel Forest.
10 High Visitor Cocoon
11 Defeat the High Visitor that appeared
at the cocoon in Junel!
12 A huge cocoon is discovered at the
heart of the Soma field abnormality.
Suddenly attacked by a High Visitor,
the group members are forced to
engage it.
13 Ancient City Amati
14 Meet up with the Rinel Temple priest!
15 In Junel Forest, Pharzuph 7th Division
takes the mystery girl Idea under their
protection. They receive a request for
aid from Rinel Temple and go to speak
with the priest.
16 The Priest's Request
17 Investigate the buried ruins north of
18 The priest mentions that a piece of
the temple's most treasured artifact
has vanished. The rest of the sacred
relic known as the Apocrypha lies
within the buried ruins.
To ensure that nothing has happened
to it, the party heads through the
streets of Amati to Lota Plains, then
north to the entrance of the ruins.
19 Giant Imp
20 Defeat the Giant Imp that has appeared
by the entrance to Gavon Cave!
21 Along the way to the buried ruins, the
party is attacked by a Giant Imp. To
continue on to the temple, the members
must first deal with the Imp.
22 Wounded Militia
23 Save the militiamen by the entrance to
Gavon Cave and bring them back to
the priest!
24 The rescued militiamen report having
been attacked by four suspicious
characters. Some men are still left in
the ruins, but the path has been
buried by a landslide and progress is
For the time being, the party takes
the rescued militiamen back to the
25 Report to the Priest
26 Find the person in Downtown who knows
the lay of the land!
27 The party rescues the militiamen and
returns to the priest. He mentions a
rumor of a way to reach the ruins
other than the collapsed Gavon Cave
entrance. To find someone familiar with
the area, the party takes the lift in
front of Rinel Temple and heads to
28 Alda
29 Find the mason Groma in Parma Cave,
east of Amati!
30 In Downtown, Alda refers the party to
a friend and co-worker of her late
husband, a stone mason named Groma,
who should know how to reach the
ruins. He is out working, so the party
heads east of Amati to Parma Cave in
an attempt to find him.
31 Frightened Mason
32 Defeat the Visitor that has appeared
in the Heavy Tail den!
33 Along the way to Parma Cave, the
party comes across a stone mason who
appears to be Groma. However, he was
frightened by the appearance of a
Visitor in the Heavy Tail den further
down the road and has gone into
shock. To calm him down, the party
heads on to eliminate the source of
his fright.
34 Mason Groma
35 Find the group of thieves near Parma
36 The rescued mason was indeed Groma.
He suggests that a group of thieves
may know of another way to the ruins.
The party heads east in search of the
thieves' camp, which is somewhere in
the vicinity of Parma River.
37 Thieves' Camp
38 Wipe out all the Thunder Birds from
their habitat!
39 The group members locate the thieves'
camp. After negotiating, the party
agrees to clean out an area overrun
by Thunder Birds in exchange for
details on the alternate path to the
40 Thief Tony
41 Meet up with the thief Tony in
42 Having successfully wiped out the
Thunder Birds, the party receives a
Letter of Introduction from the
thieves. They learn that Downtown in
Amati is connected to the buried ruins.
With the letter in hand, the party
heads to Downtown to meet up with
Tony, the man guarding the entrance.
43 Amati Ruins
44 Get through Devon Cave and save the
militiamen in the buried ruins!
45 The group members learn of another
route to the buried ruins, called Devon
Cave, from the thieves. They head
through the cave in order to save the
militiamen who are still investigating
inside the ruins.
46 Ruins Militia
47 Continue your investigation and head
to the lowest floor of the ruins!
48 The party allows the militia to
withdraw to the city. In pursuit of the
four mysterious characters and in
search of the Apocrypha, the party
continues deeper into the ruins.
49 Arbitrator
50 Exterminate the monster that has
appeared in the Arbitrator Room!
51 While investigating the Apocrypha in
the buried ruins, the party discovers
a device similar to a Soma Cage.
Suddenly, a human-shaped monster
appears and they are forced to
engage it in battle.
52 Orpheus
53 Head to the lowest floor and prevent
the ruins from collapsing!
54 The monster turns out to be a
Guardian Soma named Orpheus. Having
returned to normal, Orpheus warns that
someone has altered the flow of Soma
and the ruins are in danger of
In order to harmonize the Soma energy,
the party hurries to the lowest floor
of the ruins.
55 The Four's Raid
56 Defeat Armadora, who has appeared in
the Apocrypha Room!
57 In the Apocrypha Room on the lowest
floor, the party discovers a young man
accompanied by two men and a woman.
Welt rushes the man, but is blasted
back by an immense power. At that
moment, the party is assaulted by the
awakened Armadora.
58 Idea's Missing Key
59 Report back to the Rinel Temple priest!
60 A glowing key appears from Armadora's
defeated body and is absorbed by
Idea. Having failed to get their hands
on the key, Adonis and the others
In order to confirm that this glowing
key is in fact Amati's treasured relic,
the party heads back to the priest.
61 To Ordital
62 Talk to Monica on the Schildkröte
bridge and head to Ordital!
63 Having just finished their mission in
Amati, Pharzuph 7th Division receives
a transmission from Ishtar. There has
been an accident at the fortress the
Ordital army is building. The Soma is
going out of control, and urban areas
are under attack. Back onboard the
Schildkröte, the party hurries to
Mobile City Ordital.
64 Ordital Ablaze
65 Meet up with the Ordital officer!
66 Pharzuph 7th Division accepts the aid
request and comes to Ordital. The
Mobile City has been taking fire from
the machines running rampant on Largo
Bridge. The party docks the Schildkröte
at Ordital's harbor facility and goes
to meet with the Ordital officer.
67 To Largo Bridge
68 Defeat the Cannon Train on East Largo
69 The Ordital army's weapons have gone
out of control one after another, and
they can't be shut down. At Colonel
Getz' request, the party heads to
Largo Bridge to stop the rampaging
Combat Modules.
70 Cannon Train
71 Return to battle command and report to
Colonel Getz!
72 The Cannon Trains have been destroyed
successfully. They were most likely
sent by the Grave Fortress core, using
energy from the combat computer to
power the rails.
The party returns to Colonel Getz to
report on the situation.
73 Scout Rescue
74 Evacuate the scouting party on Largo
Bridge 4 and bring them back to Battle
75 The party returns to Colonel Getz and
receives an SOS signal from the 7th
Special Recon Division. The army, mired
in a defensive battle, cannot spare
any troops and sends the party to
Largo Bridge in its stead.
76 Leaving for the Fortress
77 Cross Largo Bridge and get to Level 4
of the fortress!
78 The group members come to the scout
party's rescue. Now, along with the
Engineer Corps, they head to the Core
Control Room at the lowest level of
the fortress.
But first, they must reach the control
rods on Level 4.
79 Metal Walker
80 Defeat the Metal Walker that has
appeared at West Largo Bridge 3!
81 Continuing along Largo Bridge while
heading to the fortress, the group
members are attacked by the rampaging
Metal Walker. In order to carry out
their mission to shut down the core,
they must try to destroy the Metal
82 Support Bombing
83 To get to the Core Control Room in
the fortress basement, activate the
Level 4 central lift control rods!
84 The party destroys the Metal Walker
thanks to Colonel Getz' assistance.
Continuing on, they resume the mission
to escort the Engineer Corps to the
Core Control Room. First, they must go
to Level 4 of the fortress and start
up the central lift by means of the
control rods.
85 Missing Control Rods
86 Look for the relocated control rods in
the fortress Level 4 West Area!
87 The Level 4 central lift control rods
have been pulled into the floor and
moved to the adjacent West Area. The
party can only reach the floor where
the Core Control Room is located by
riding the Level 4 central lift.
The group members heads to the West
Area in search of the relocated control
88 Control Rods Found
89 Head to the Core Control Room on the
lowest floor!
90 The party manages to find and
activate the relocated control rods.
With the Level 4 central lift now
active, the group members advance
toward the lowest floor of the
fortress en route to the Core Control
91 Jadis' Persuasion
92 Take the control room lift and head to
the fortress core!
93 The group members arrive at the Core
Control room. However, the core will not
accept the shutdown code, and only
intensifies its bombardment of the
Mobile City.
Having accepted that the immediate
destruction of the core is the only
option, Colonel Getz activates the lift
to the core.
94 Weapon with a Key
95 Defeat Kapellseele in the Grave
Fortress core!
96 Waiting within the core was an
autonomous weapon in possession of an
Apocrypha, Kapellseele. The group
members learn that Ordital had been
using the Apocrypha in the fortress'
core. To put a stop to the core's
rampage, the party commences with the
destruction of Kapellseele.
97 The Second Key
98 Return to Battle Command and report to
Colonel Getz!
99 Just like in the buried ruins, the
Apocrypha salvaged from Kapellseele's
remains is absorbed into Idea's body.
Adonis appears again and leaves Idea
with a warning.
The group members head back to the
Mobile City to give their report.
100 To Maran Asa
101 Talk to Monica on the Schildkröte
bridge and head to Maran Asa!
102 Finished with their mission in Ordital,
Pharzuph 7th Division heads to Holy
Land Maran Asa to bring the suspect
Idea to Secundady headquarters.
103 Maran Asa Arrival
104 Go to Secundady headquarters!
105 Pharzuph 7th Division arrives at Maran
Asa to bring Idea to Secundady
106 Handing Over Idea
107 Meet up with the Religious Office
observation team in Kev Spring!
108 Idea is handed over to Secundady
headquarters, then she returns to the
Schildkröte as a full-fledged member
of Pharzuph. The happily-reunited
group then receives a new mission from
Ishtar. It consists of a request for
aid from the Religious Office regarding
a Soma disturbance that has created a
huge sandstorm, which is drawing near
to the city. The group members head to
Kev Spring to meet up with the
observation team.
109 Soma Storm
110 Seek permission from His Holiness
Sonas in the Religious Office to use
the neutralizing shell!
111 Among the Soma storm observation team
was an old friend of Cadenza's, Eleos.
At Eleos' request, the party heads to
request a license from His Holiness
Sonas for a neutralizing shell capable
of dispersing the Soma storm.
112 Religious Office
113 Defeat the Actaeon in Kwell Cave to
get the Crimson Thornstone!
114 The party was able to obtain the
neutralizing shell license from His
Holiness Sonas. With license in hand,
the group members head to Kwell Cave
to hunt Actaeon and obtain the Crimson
115 Crimson Thornstone
116 Meet up with Eleos at Stormwatch Point!
117 The group members defeat Actaeon and
obtain the Crimson Thornstone, then
head back to Eleos at Stormwatch Point.
118 Huge Visitor
119 Defeat Talnada within the Soma storm
in Diminu Dunes!
120 At the lookout point, the observation
team fires the neutralizing shell at
the Soma storm. The temporary
dispersal of the Soma storm reveals a
huge Visitor at the center. The party
rushes into the weakened Soma storm
to defeat the huge Visitor.
121 After the Storm
122 Report back to His Holiness Sonas at
the Religious Office!
123 The group members exterminate the
huge Visitor, abating the Soma storm.
To give their report, they head back
to His Holiness Sonas at the Religious
124 Obtaining Permission
125 Investigate the structure within the
Agbaba Mausoleum!
126 His Holiness Sonas tells of a giant
structure within the Agbaba Mausoleum.
Thinking that this structure may be
the cause of this incident, the group
members head there to investigate.
127 Temple Guardian
128 Defeat Gilliam at the top of Quint
129 Adonis has been lying in wait atop the
massive structure. Welt attempts to
protect Idea but is easily blasted
back. At that moment, the party is
assaulted by the awakened Gilliam.
130 Activating The Enjambre
131 Report back to His Holiness Sonas at
the Religious Office!
132 An Apocrypha appears from Gilliam's
defeated body and is ingested by
Idea. Adonis' group succeeds in
starting up the aircraft Enjambre and
flies off with it. The party returns to
the Religious Office to report on the
133 To Zorya
134 Talk to Monica on the Schildkröte
bridge and head to Zorya!
135 Finished with their mission in Maran
Asa, Pharzuph 7th Division pursues
Adonis' group and their Enjambre to
Snow Mountain Zorya.
136 To Welt's Hometown
137 Climb Mt. Zorya and head to Zorya
138 Pharzuph 7th Division arrives at Snow
Mountain Zorya. To gather information,
they head for Welt's home village, and
begin their ascent of the snow-swept
Mt. Zorya.
139 Zorya Village
140 Head to Welt's parents' house!
141 The group members arrive at Zorya
Village. They attempt to ask about the
Enjambre, but the villagers are cold to
outsiders and they don't gather as
much information as they'd hoped.
Thinking that Welt's mother would be
more open, the party heads to his
parents' house.
142 Nanon Boy
143 Follow the eyewitness report and head
through Hiru Ravine!
144 The group members arrive at Welt's
parents' house, but his mother isn't
home. A village boy named Nanon drops
in to visit, and mentions seeing a red
aircraft around the west peak. Before
the group members can set off toward
the mountain, the chieftain shows up
and says that the mountain path has
been sealed off as a sacred area. To
reach the west peak, they must first
head through Quiya Snow Cave and exit
to the northeast to reach the side of
Mt. Zorya, then continue northwest. By
leaving Keld Snow Cave to the
southwest, then crossing the cliffs
known as Hiru Ravine, they will reach
the base of the west peak.
145 Sealed Cave
146 Head to the Zorya Village chieftain
and obtain permission to pass through
to the mountain!
147 Just as the chieftain said, the path
to the mountain inside Keld Snow Cave
is sealed off. The party returns to
the village chieftain in order to
obtain permission to pass through.
148 Missing Child
149 Rescue Nanon, who went to the Hiru
Ravine, and bring him back to the
village chieftain!
150 During negotations with the chieftain
for permission to pass, a villager
bursts in. He tells that Nanon has
taken the Snow Mirror from the village
altar and gone to Hiru Ravine to break
the seal. The area beyond the cave is
a dangerous place, inhabited by the
Marcato. With the chieftain's approval,
the group members head out to rescue
151 Reunion with Mom
152 To pursue the Enjambre, cross the
Lagra Bridge spanning Velm Waterfall
and head to the West Peak!
153 The group members drive back the
Marcato and return Nanon to the
village. They manage to persuade the
chieftain that the weakening of the
Sunstone was related to Enjambre's
He asks Pharzuph 7th Division to drive
the suspicious invaders away from the
154 Bridge's Barrier
155 Return to the Zorya Village chief!
156 Along the way to the mountain, while
crossing Lagra Bridge, the party comes
across a seal that appears to have
been placed by the Marcato. The seal
can be broken by using the Snow
Mirror that Nanon took.
The party heads back to the chieftain
to borrow the Snow Mirror.
157 Snow Mirror
158 Use Gigil Spring to restore the Snow
Mirror's power!
159 It turns out that the Snow Mirror's
power has been exhausted by Nanon. To
restore its power, the Snow Mirror must
be dipped into Gigil Spring. The party
heads southwest of Velm Waterfall to
the cave in Velm Cliffs, at the heart
of Marcato territory, wherein lies
Gigil Spring.
160 Gigil Spring
161 Release the Marcato seal on Lagra
Bridge, which spans Velm Waterfall!
162 The Snow Mirror's power has been
restored by Gigil Spring. The party
heads to Lagra Bridge, which spans
Velm Waterfall, to release the Marcato
163 To the West Peak
164 Cross the Velm Waterfall via Lagra
Bridge, and aim for the West Peak
165 The group members use the Snow Mirror
to break the Marcato Seal on Lagra
Bridge. Aiming for the west peak where
the Enjambre was spotted, they
continue along Lagra Bridge.
166 Attacking Statues
167 Defeat the twin Galgodius in the Room
of Conviction!
168 Continuing further from the Sunstone
Mine, the party finally arrives at a
room with two ominous statues. The
statues start to shine in what appears
to be a reaction with the Apocrypha
inside Idea, then they turn into
monsters and attack the party.
169 Voice from Below
170 Head through the ruins to reach the
171 The party defeats the two Galgodius.
Further past the Conviction Room, Idea
says that she can sense Adonis and
the others. In pursuit of Enjambre, the
party continues further into the
depths of the ancient ruins.
172 A Giant Awaiting God
173 Defeat Chernobog at the ice-covered
Mt. Zorya crater!
174 The group members arrive at Mt.
Zorya's ice-covered crater and come
upon a giant named Chernobog sending
Soma energy to the Enjambre.
To put a stop to his actions, the
party engages him in battle.
175 Yesterday's Friend
176 Defeat Eleos, who has appeared at the
Mt. Zorya crater!
177 An Apocrypha emerges from Chernobog's
defeated body and is absorbed by
Idea. This time a new member of
Adonis' group appears and attacks the
party - it's Eleos, but his personality
is completely different.
178 The Umbras
179 Report back to the Zorya Village
180 Eleos has transformed into an Umbras
just like Fedelta and the others. He
joins Adonis' group aboard the
Enjambre as they take flight.
The party returns to the chieftain to
report on the situation.
181 To Ginas
182 Talk to Monica on the Schildkröte
bridge and head to Ginas!
183 With its mission in Zorya Village
complete, Pharzuph 7th Division uses
its Soma Radar to pursue the Enjambre
to Ginas Lava Zone.
184 Eleos' Raid
185 Find the Ring Tower in Ginas Lava
186 Pharzuph 7th Division arrives at Ginas
Lava Zone. The magnetic field emitted
by the lava is too intense, so the
party continues on foot. Monica recites
an old Navarian song that should lead
them to the Ring Tower.
187 Enter Häschen
188 Press on through Ginas Lava Zone to
find the Ring Tower!
189 Slipping through Ishtar's surveillance,
Laban escapes from the Häschen. The
freed group members continue their
search for the Ring Tower in order to
follow Laban and the Enjambre.
190 To the Tarda Harmonia
191 Head north of the Ginas Harmonia to
the Tarda Harmonia!
192 The group members find the Ring Tower.
In order to enter the tower, four
Harmonia must be activated to enable
the teleporter that leads inside.
Having already activated the Ginas
Harmonia southeast of the tower, the
party heads north to the Tarda
193 To the Teve Harmonia
194 Head southwest of the Tarda Harmonia
to the Teve Harmonia!
195 With the second Tarda Harmonia rung,
the party heads southwest to the Teve
196 To the Nemu Harmonia
197 Head north of the Teve Harmonia to
the Nemu Harmonia!
198 With the third Teve Harmonia activated,
the party heads north to the Nemu
199 To the Ring Tower
200 Head to the teleporter directly beneath
the Ring Tower!
201 With all four Harmonia activated, the
party heads to the area below the
Ring Tower in order to use the now-
active teleporter.
202 Soma Dragon
203 Defeat the Rouge Drake that has
appeared by the Ring Tower teleporter!
204 The group members catch up with Laban
beneath the Ring Tower. With the
Apocrypha he possesses, Laban calls
forth the Rouge Drake before
teleporting to the Ring Tower.
To pursue both Adonis' group and
Laban, the party must first combat the
Rouge Drake closing in on them.
205 Ring Tower Search
206 Search for Adonis' group and Laban in
the Ring Tower!
207 The group members succeed in
teleporting to the Ring Tower. They
continue into the tower in hot pursuit
of Adonis' group and Laban.
208 Laban and the Tower
209 Defeat Laban at the top of the tower!
210 At the top of the tower, the group
members come across Adonis and the
Umbras as well as Laban. Using the
Apocrypha, Laban attemps to strengthen
the ring's barrier, but fails. The
rebounding energy transforms him into
a grotesque monster that attacks the
party in search of the other
211 To Cremona
212 Talk to Monica on the Schildkröte
bridge and head to Cremona!
213 Returning to the Schildkröte, the party
finds that the ring's movement has
caused large numbers of Visitors to
descend on the land. Orpheus informs
them that Sky City Cremona holds the
means to return the ring's barrier to
its original state, and grants the
Schildkröte the ability to move freely.
Aboard the newly mobile Schildkröte,
the party heads to Cremona.
214 Cremona Arrival
215 Find Viola in Cremona!
216 The Schildkröte arrives at Cremona
using its new movement ability. The
group members advance into the city to
meet up with Viola.
217 Floating Continent Zain
218 Continue to Floating Continent Zain and
head for the Soma Palace!
219 Adonis' group aims to use the Soma
Palace to summon Aletheia to the land.
To put a stop to their plan, the
crystal on the highest floor of the
Soma Palace must be destroyed.
The group members use the transfer
gate in Cremona harbor to jump to
Floating Continent Zain and head for
the Soma Palace.
220 Cadenza's Decision
221 Defeat Eleos on the Cremona Warship
222 The Umbras have been lying in wait on
the deck of a Cremona warship, and
the group members again engage Eleos
in battle. Cadenza is hesitant to face
off against Eleos, but decides to
fight at the encouragement of his
223 To Soma Palace
224 Head to the Soma Palace and stop
225 Having defeated Eleos, the group
members head to the Soma Palace to
stop Adonis.
226 Guardian
227 Head to Soma Palace S Tower Pinnacle
from the Cross Gate!
228 The party defeats the Guardian at the
east tower. Taking the newly-opened
path at the Cross Gate, they aim for
the south tower.
229 Idea's Doubt
230 Head to Soma Palace W Tower Pinnacle
from the Cross Gate!
231 The party defeats the Guardian at the
south tower. Taking the newly-opened
path at the Cross Gate, they aim for
the west tower.
232 Promise
233 Head to Soma Palace N Tower Pinnacle
from the Cross Gate!
234 The party defeats the Guardian at the
west tower. Taking the newly-opened
path at the Cross Gate, they aim for
the north tower.
235 Aletheia's Voice
236 Head to the center of the Soma Palace
using the Cross Gate transfer device!
237 Having been identified as living
organisms by the four towers' organism
recognition system, the group members
use the transfer device at the Cross
Gate and head for the center of the
Soma Palace to stop Adonis.
238 Adonis Transformed
239 Defeat Adonis at the center of the
Soma Palace!
240 The party arrives at the center of the
Soma Palace to stop Adonis, but they
don't make it in time. Adonis uses the
Soma in the ground to attract Aletheia
from the sky, and transforms.
To stop Aletheia from invading, the
party engages Adonis in battle.
241 Aletheia and Idea
242 Defeat Aletheia in Aletheia's Room!
243 Idea is absorbed by Aletheia. She
wanted to allow the Anti-Master Cage's
power to be used, erasing Aletheia and
herself alike. Pharzuph 7th Division
instead attempts to defeat only
Aletheia while concentrating on Idea's
Soma color.