Skills: Spells

De Soma Bringer
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0 Bola de fuego
1 Blast a single ball of flame.
2 Llamarada
3 Conjure forth a fireball that explodes and\r\ndamages surrounding enemies.
4 Muro ígneo
5 Summon a pillar of fire that damages\r\nenemies upon contact.
6 Erupción
7 Cause lava to erupt from the ground as\r\nthe earth quakes.
8 Lluvia de meteoritos
9 Meteorites fall upon the targeted area.\r\nCooldown: 10 seconds.
10 Mulciber
11 Arcane Magic: Causes targeted area to\r\nexplode, shaking the earth underneath.\r\nCooldown: 2 minutes.
12 Hálito ígneo
13 Flames are spewed forth.
14 Bola de hielo
15 Blast a single ball of ice.\r\nMay cause Snare (lower MOV speed).
16 Rayo acuático
17 Blast the enemy with a condensed stream\r\nof water.
18 Hidrobomba
19 Summon a ball of water that explodes\r\nupon contact.\r\nMay cause Snare (lower MOV speed).
20 Ventisca
21 Conjure a block of ice upon the enemy.\r\nMay cause Freeze.
22 Granizo
23 Emit a wave of ice around you.\r\nMay cause Slow (lower ATK speed).
24 Poseidón
25 Arcane Magic: Conjure forth icicles in\r\nthe targeted area. May cause Freeze.\r\nCooldown: 2 minutes.
26 Hálito gélido
27 Blast a cloud of ice forward.\r\nChance of Snare effect (lower MOV speed).
28 Vendaval
29 A small whirlwind is blasted forward.\r\nBreak: Knockback (Small).
30 Relámpago
31 A lightning bolt strikes down upon the\r\nenemy.\r\nBreak: Knockdown (Small).
32 Tornado
33 Conjure forth a large tornado.\r\nBreak: Launch (Big).
34 Espiral aérea
35 Conjure a whirlwind in a targeted area\r\nthat drags enemies that touch it into its\r\ncenter.
36 Tormenta eléctrica
37 Thunder continuously rains down upon the\r\ntargeted area.\r\nBreak: Knockdown (Small).
38 Valkiria
39 Arcane Magic: Discharge electricity from\r\nthe caster. Break: Juggle (Big).\r\nCooldown: 2 minutes.
40 Hálito eólico
41 Blow a gust of wind forward.
42 Pedrada
43 A boulder is hurled at the enemy.\r\nMay cause Paralysis.
44 Terremoto
45 Create a rift beneath the enemy.\r\nBreak: Launch (Small).
46 Arena magnética
47 Conjure forth rocks above the enemy,\r\ncausing damage. May cause Magnet.\r\nLowers Wind and Earth RES.
48 Roca férrica
49 Create a ball of iron that is attracted\r\nto Magnetized enemies.\r\nBreak: Knockback (Small).
50 Basilisco
51 Summon a cloud of sand around you.\r\nMay cause Petrify.
52 Fin de Babel
53 Arcane Magic: Conjure an earthquake\r\nthat damages and petrifies foes.\r\nCooldown: 2 minutes.
54 Hálito terrestre
55 Blast a cloud of sand forward.
56 Sanctus
57 Launch a ball of light that hurts foes.\r\nHeals allies who touch it.\r\nEffective vs. Undead.
58 Láser sagrado
59 Blast enemies with a condensed beam of\r\nlight. Heals allies who touch it.
60 Fuego fatuo
61 Conjure a ball of light that homes in on\r\nthe enemy.\r\nMay cause Stun.
62 Círculo sagrado
63 Emit a wave of light around the you.\r\nLowers elemental and physical resistance of\r\nenemies.
64 Santuario
65 Arcane Magic: Deal continuous damage and\r\ncause Stun in an area.\r\nCooldown: 14 seconds.
66 Apocalipsis
67 Arcane Magic: Debuff enemies and heal\r\nparty's HP & status.\r\nCooldown: 3 minutes.
68 Hálito sagrado
69 Attack enemies in front with a radiating\r\nblast of holy energy.
70 Oscuridad
71 A single ball of darkness is blasted at\r\nthe enemy.
72 Gas venenoso
73 A fissure with poisonous gas is discharged\r\ntoward your enemies.
74 Agujero negro
75 Conjure a gravitational rift that draws\r\nenemies toward its center.
76 Pesadilla
77 Emit a wave of darkness around you.\r\nMay cause Weak effect (lowers all stats).
78 Laberinto
79 Arcane Magic: Conjure a demonic mirror in\r\nan area that sends enemies to a different\r\ndimension. Cooldown: 1 minute.
80 Bandersnatch
81 Arcane Magic: Stops time so that enemies\r\nstay still.\r\nCooldown: 4 minutes.
82 Hálito sombrío
83 Cast a cloud of darkness forward.
84 Amenaza
85 Decreases defense of enemies around you.
86 Provocar
87 Pulls an enemy towards you.
88 Grito de guerra
89 Temporarily increases max HP/SP of a party\r\nmember.
90 Ira
91 For every successful hit up to 5 hits,\r\nthe next attack will be stronger.
92 Aura sagrada
93 Become invincible while shield guarding.\r\nDrains SP while active.\r\nCooldown: 2 minutes.
94 Mofa
95 Draw the attention of enemies in a target area.
96 Heal
97 Heals a party member's HP.
98 Armadura sagrada
99 Increase defense of party member in a\r\ntarget area.
100 Rapidez
101 Increase evade rate of party member in a\r\ntarget area.
102 Blessed Power
103 Increases ATK/Magic of a party member in\r\na target area.
104 Healing
105 Gradually recovers party members' HP in\r\nthe targeted area.
106 Meditation
107 Gradually recovers party members' SP in\r\nthe targeted area.
108 God Bless
109 Uses remaining SP to heal an ally.\r\nCooldown: 30 sec.
110 Divine Magic
111 Increase all elemental resistances of\r\nparty members in the targetted area.
112 Resurrection
113 Multiplayer Only: Revive a fallen ally to\r\n50% HP. Lost experience is also returned\r\nto that player.
114 Accel
115 Increase attack speed of party members\r\nin the targeted area.
116 Dark Heal
117 Sacrifice some of your HP to heal a party\r\nmember.
118 Blood Soul
119 Damage taken is converted to SP.\r\nAdditionally, SP absorption effect is\r\nadded.
120 Hazy Fog
121 Blinds the enemy in an area.
122 Death's Whisper
123 Lowers elemental resistance of enemies\r\nin a target area.
124 Powersink
125 Decreases enemy ATK/Magic in a target\r\narea.
126 Dama de hierro
127 Reflects enemy melee attacks.
128 Death Chain
129 Curse an enemy so that, once defeated,\r\nit causes 10x damage to nearby enemies.\r\nCooldown: 8 seconds.
130 Re-Dark
131 Build a charge each time you are hit,\r\npowering up your subsequent attacks.\r\nMax Charges: 5. Cooldown: 90 seconds.
132 Demon Cry
133 Lowers the melee defense of all enemies\r\nnear you.
134 Demon Steps
135 Poisons all enemies near you.
136 Flame Trap
137 Trap: Causes fire damage to enemies that\r\nstep into the targeted area.
138 Ice Trap
139 Trap: Causes water damage to enemies that\r\nstep into the targeted area. Causes Slow\r\neffect (lowers Attack Speed).
140 Shatter Trap
141 Trap: Causes wind damage to enemies that\r\nstep into targeted area.\r\nBreak: Launch (Big).
142 Earth Trap
143 Trap: Causes earth damage to enemies that\r\nstep into targeted area. Causes Magnet\r\neffect and lowers earth/wind resistance.
144 Stun Trap
145 Trap: Stuns enemies that step into the\r\ntargeted area.
146 Poison Trap
147 Trap: Causes dark damage to enemies that\r\nstep into targeted area.\r\nMay cause Poison.
148 Pull Trap
149 Trap: Draws enemies into the targeted\r\narea.
150 Heal Trap
151 Trap: Heals allies' HP in the targeted area.
152 Paralyze Weapon
153 Coat weapon with paralyzing agent that\r\ncauses Paralysis on enemies.
154 Speed
155 Increases the Movement Speed of party\r\nmembers in an area.
156 Chain Shot
157 When an enemy is shot, there is a\r\nchance that the shot will ricochet and\r\nhit nearby enemies.
158 Pull
159 Draws an enemy towards you.\r\nCooldown: 3 seconds.
160 Hide
161 Blend with the shadows. Powers up next\r\nattack, but decreases Movement Speed\r\nwhile hidden. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
162 Venom Weapon
163 Coat weapon with Venom that may cause\r\nPoison on enemies.
164 Fire Weapon
165 Imbues an ally's weapon with Fire.\r\nCooldown: 5 seconds.
166 Water Heal
167 Recover HP for one ally.\r\nCooldown: 15 seconds.
168 Heal Rain
169 Heals HP in an area.
170 Revive
171 Escudo terrestre
172 Increases DEF.