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De Soma Bringer
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1 Members
2 Tactics
3 Treatment
4 Battle Style:
5 Form:
6 Cycle
7 No Member
8 <d2,1>Unit List
11 <ix>Show abilities
12 <iy>Dismiss
13 <ix>Hide abilities
14 On Standby
15 <c2>Battle Style
16 <c2>Form Type
17 <c2>Set Abilities
18 No medical treatment required
19 Not enough gold
20 Heal:
21 <c5>When available:
<c1>Class Rank 2 (Lv10+)
22 <c5>When available:
<c1>Class Rank 3 (Lv20+)
23 <c5>When available:
<c1>Class Rank 4 (Lv30+)
24 Take Point
25 Support
26 Hold Back
27 Battle Style 04
28 Focused on defeating enemies
29 Decide to attack or support based on the circumstances
30 Stay behind and wait for leader to determine action
31 Battle Style 04 Explanation
32 Standard
33 Attack
34 Support
35 Aggressive
36 Support
37 Balanced
38 Earth
39 Ice
40 Standard
41 Lift
42 Attack
43 Aggressive
44 Standard
45 Attack
46 Support
47 Aggressive
48 Standard
49 Poison
50 Weak
51 Aggressive
52 Standard
53 Venom
54 Attack
55 Aggressive
56 Standard
57 Attack
58 Wind
59 Fire
60 Balanced
61 Support
62 Power
63 Accel
64 <c5>Attack: <c1>Stuns the enemy with a shield
attack and strikes with jump attack.
<c5>Special: <c1>Provokes enemy.
65 <c5>Attack: <c1>Double attack and area attack.
Finish with a heavy attack.
<c5>Special: <c1>Scares enemy and lowers DEF.
66 <c5>Attack: <c1>Stuns the enemy with a shield
attack, knocking it back.
<c5>Support: <c1>Raises allies' max HP and SP.
67 <c5>Attack: <c1>Attacks a few times and
launch the enemy up.
<c5>Special: <c1>Provokes enemy.
68 <c5>Attack: <c1>Lowers enemy MOV Spd with
water magic. Paralyzes with Rock bolt.
<c5>Support: <c1>Allies in a pinch get healed.
69 <c5>Attack: <c1>Lowers enemy MOV Spd with
water magic; launches enemies.
<c5>Support: <c1>Allies in a pinch get healed.
70 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses earth magic to paralyze
or petrify the enemy.
<c5>Support: <c1>Heals nearby allies.
71 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses water magic that causes
Freeze, Slow or Snare.
<c5>Support: <c1>Heals nearby allies.
72 <c5>Attack: <c1>2 hits and strong knockback
73 <c5>Attack: <c1>2 hits and strong launching
74 <c5>Attack: <c1>Launch the enemy into the
air, hitting it 3 times.
75 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits 3 times while juggling
the enemy and knocking it back.
76 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits from a distance with a
strong knockback shot. The attack
uses a fire round.
77 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits with a fire round,
knocking enemies back.
<c5>Special: <c1>Lowers enemy MOV Spd.
78 <c5>Special: <c1>Sets a trap that will launch
enemies into the air; snares enemies.
<c5>Support: <c1>MOV Spd up; heals allies.
79 <c5>Attack: <c1>Strikes 2 times with a fire
round and sets a stun trap.
<c5>Special: <c1>Shots are chained.
80 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses strong launch attacks
and dark magic.
<c5>Special: <c1>Lowers enemy RES.
81 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits twice with an area
attack that knocks back the enemy.
<c5>Special: <c1>Uses poison magic.
82 <c5>Attack: <c1>Knocks back with area attack
and juggles the enemy.
<c5>Special: <c1>Weakens the enemy's skills.
83 <c5>Attack: <c1>Strong juggle strike;
attacks 3 times.
<c5>Special: <c1>Reflects suffered damage.
84 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses launching attacks.
85 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses spinning attacks that
will stun or knockback enemies.
<c5>Special: <c1>Coat weapon with poison.
86 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses heavy 3-hit rotating
attacks that launches the enemy.
87 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses knockback attacks.
<c5>Special: <c1>Uses Hide to sneak
up on enemies.
88 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits with a Fire bolt and
knocks back with a Wind Bolt.
89 <c5>Attack: <c1>Attacks a small area with
fire then cast Lightning, knocking
the enemy down.
90 <c5>Attack: <c1>Specialize in Break attacks
using wind magic that will knockback,
launch, or knockdown enemy.
91 <c5>Attack: <c1>Uses high-damage fire magic
in a large area.
92 <c5>Attack: <c1>Juggles enemy with a launch
attack followed by a knockback attack.
<c5>Special: <c1>Allies in a pinch get healed.
93 <c5>Attack: <c1>Hits twice and casts light
<c5>Support: <c1>Recovers ally HP & SP.
94 <c5>Attack: <c1>Lowers enemy RES with holy
magic; uses 3-hit knockback attacks.
<c5>Support: <c1>Raises allies' ATK power.
95 <c5>Attack: <c1>Knocks back enemies with
area attacks, then launches them.
<c5>Support: <c1>Raises allies' ATK speed.
96 Class:Battlers
97 Class:Somas
98 Class:Kampfs
99 Class:Gunners
100 Class:Darks
101 Class:Kampfs
102 Class:Somas
103 Class:Corps
104 Party
105 Change members and tactics
106 Choose battle style and form type
107 Recover wounded standby members
108 Choose battle style (AI)
109 Choose form type (abilities)
110 Choose member to treat
111 Choose a member
112 Recovered
113 Member 1 dismissed
114 Member 2 dismissed
115 <c3>Class Rank is now 2!
<c1>A new form can be selected
116 <c3>Class Rank is now 3!
<c1>A new form can be selected
117 <c3>Class Rank is now 4!
<c1>A new form can be selected
118 On Standby
119 Player Char
120 <c3>Idea is now selectable!