261 Act.1: To Ordital E

De Soma Bringer
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0 Idea
1 Ah-<ed>
2 Welt
3 Idea? Are you okay?
4 Y-yeah. It's nothing.<ed>
5 Einsatz
6 What's the current situation?
7 Ishtar
8 Ordital has detached the mobile modules\nadjacent to the fortress.
9 They've evacuated to the other side\nand things seem to be under control.
10 Seems like they're not taking any\nchances. Although...
11 What is it?
12 It's a new fortress, so you'd think\nthey would deploy their own troops.
13 It seems odd that we would receive\nsomething like this, but...
14 it's an official request for aid from\nthe Ordital government.
15 Secundady has a duty to keep Soma\nsafely under control.
16 ...Understood.
17 We'll set a course for Ordital.<ed>
18 Monica
19 (Ordital is... <wc10>burning...)<ed>
20 Jadis
21 (Monica...)<ed>