259 Act.1: To Ordital D

De Soma Bringer
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0 Ishtar
1 7th Division Schildkröte, report your\ncurrent position.
2 Cadenza
3 It's from headquarters...?
4 Einsatz
5 7th Division, copy.\nCurrently docked at Amati.
6 As soon as we have resupplied, we plan\nto hurry to Holy Land Maran Asa.
7 Also, there have been a few "changes"\nto the situation.
8 Please cover them later, in your written\nreport.
9 ...Roger that.

Seems like a state of\nemergency over there.

10 Yes.
11 Less than an hour ago, we received an\naid request from Ordital's government.
12 Please head to Ordital immediately.<ed>
13 Monica
14 Ordital!?
15 But Ordital's defenses are supposed to\nbe solid.\nAre they being overwhelmed by Visitors?
16 No, it's not Visitors.
17 It appears there's been an accident at\nOrdital's newly created fortress.
18 Newly created fortress...
19 I believe it's named <c3>Grave</c>.
20 Ishtar, what kind of accident has\noccurred at the fortress?
21 They have lost control of the Soma\nenergy used to operate the fortress,
22 and the autonomous weapon systems\nonboard are running rampant.
23 Urban areas are taking heavy fire.
24 Jadis
25 Powering the fortress with Soma, huh?\nThose reckless sons of...
26 Forte
27 With the amount of Soma you'd need to\noperate a fortress like that,
28 it'd be almost impossible to control,\neven for the Schildkröte.
29 ...So the rumor was true, after all.
30 Millers
31 But somethin' like onboard weapons\ngoin' crazy?
32 Usually that'd be hard to think about.<ed>
33 ............<ed>
34 Idea
35 The Soma is... going berserk...<ed>