258 Act.1: To Ordital C

De Soma Bringer
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0 Jadis
1 Oh? <wc15>Look at that.<ed>
2 Forte
3 A <c3>Coordinate Pod</c>.
4 That's just like Ishtar. She's always\nwell-prepared.
5 Idea
6 Coordinate Pod?
7 It's a machine developed by Secundady\nto regulate a region's Soma balance.
8 If you take a look at it, it's similar\nto an air purifier.
9 A machine can do something like that?\nSecundady's technology is amazing.
10 Cadenza
11 The downside is that it's very\nexpensive to operate.
12 Ishtar must really be going out of her\nway to deploy one here.<ed>
13 Millers
14 (Big sis...)<ed>
15 Welt
16 Hopefully now the areas around Amati\ncan finally settle down a little.
17 Hmm? <wc30>\nAhh... <wc30>yeah.
18 This is the city where we grew up.\nSomethin' like that ain't an issue.<ed>