256 Act.1: To Ordital A

De Soma Bringer
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0 Priest
1 Captain Einsatz, I'm glad to see you\nare unharmed.
2 The Visitors have gradually stopped\nappearing around Amati.
3 I trust that was your doing?
4 Einsatz
5 About how long ago did things begin to\nsettle down?
6 Just a minute ago, I suppose.
7 ...I see.
8 Jadis
9 Right when those shady guys left the\nruins, huh.
10 They definitely must have been doing\nsomething with the Apocrypha.
11 Forte
12 I bet it was their fault that the Soma\nfield in this area was disturbed, too.
13 Millers
14 So, now that Apocrypha's inside Idea.<ed>
15 What do you mean by "inside"?
16 Nothing, she's just talking to herself.
17 Father, I would like to confirm the\nApocrypha's appearance with you.
18 It is shaped like a glowing key, is it\nnot?
19 Well...
20 There are ancient documents that\ndescribe it that way, but...
21 I see.
22 We found the Apocrypha on the lowest\nlevel of the ruins,
23 then we were attacked by the stone\nstatue guarding it.
24 Were you aware that the Apocrypha had\nthat security system set up?
25 That can't be...
26 It was built thousands of years ago.\nIt was just a stone statue...!
27 And you're telling me it attacked you!?
28 W-what about the Apocrypha!?<ed>
29 Unfortunately, it disappeared.
30 No way...
31 On the bright side, the Soma field\naround Amati is settling down.
32 As for whether that is due to its\nconnection with the Apocrypha,
33 further investigation is required.
34 Secundady headquarters should dispatch\nan investigation team shortly.
35 Secundady will be investigating...?
36 Officially, it will be to readjust the\nSoma field around Amati.
37 And, indeed, there is a need for that\nas well.
38 I assure you, we have no intention of\ninterfering with your internal affairs.
39 I'd like you to place your trust in us\nfor a while longer.
40 I understand. We'll comply.<ed>