255 Act.1: Idea's Missing Key

De Soma Bringer
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0 Forte
1 Look! Something came out of the\nGuardian's body!
2 Millers
3 W-what the heck is it!?
4 Cadenza
5 A key... <wc30>made of light...?<ed>
6 ???
7 Heh, you're better than I expected.\n\nI thought you'd be sacrificed without\neven putting up a fight.
8 Now you've saved us the trouble of\nretrieving the Apocrypha ourselves...
9 For defeating the Guardian of Oblivion\nfor us, you have my thanks.
10 Jadis
11 What did you...<ed>
12 Oh, so that light key is Amati's relic,\nthe Apocrypha!
13 Then that Guardian was protecting it!?
14 Welt
15 But we just...
16 Orpheus
17 I warned you.<ed>
18 Don't let it get you down.
19 After all, the Guardian of Oblivion's\npurpose was to attack trespassers.
20 Now then, Apocrypha...<wc30>\nCome to me.<ed>
21 What!?<ed>
22 Everyone
23 Uwaaah!!
24 Oh no, the Apocrypha is reacting\nviolently...!<ed>
25 Idea
26 Kyaaah!!
27 Idea!<ed>
28 What!?
29 W-<wc15>what is it this time!?<ed>
30 Why you... <wc30><c3>Viola</c>!?
31 Viola
32 ............
33 ...I see, you must have detected\nOrpheus' awakening.
34 ...Viola!?
35 That woman's protecting us from the\nlightning!?<ed>
36 The Apocrypha just...!
37 Right into Idea...!<ed>
38 Impossible! <wc30>How could it reject me, yet\naccept her!?<ed>
39 Keeeyy...
40 <c3>Adonis</c>, this intrusion means trouble.\nIt would be best to withdraw.
41 I must concur.
42 Adonis
43 Damn...<ed>
44 (Ado... <wc15>nis?)<ed>
45 (Idea... <wc30>so you're going to oppose me,\nare you?)
46 (Viola, Orpheus...<wc30>\nYou as well...)<ed>
47 (Why are you staring at me, too?)<ed>
48 S-she vanished...!?<ed>
49 Einsatz
50 I guess that's the end of it.<ed>
51 Is everyone alright!?
52 Yeah.\nSomehow.
53 W-what the heck just happened!?
54 The light...
55 The blue light shaped like a woman\nprotected us from the lightning...
56 Not to mention, Idea absorbed that key\nthing...<ed>
57 Hey, <wc30>was that because of Orpheus?
58 ............<ed>
59 You said not to fight the Guardian back\nthen, right?
60 You knew, didn't you?
61 That the Guardian was protecting the\nApocrypha.
62 ...Certainly, I was aware that the\nApocrypha was here.
63 I knew it.
64 So, what is it? Tell us what that light\nkey really is.
65 I do not know.
66 You don't know, huh...?
67 Ever since I was abandoned here,
68 it has been protected by Armadora.
69 As for what it is,
70 or why Armadora was protecting it,
71 I have never had the chance to find\nout.
72 But, because I'm made of Soma myself,
73 I at least know that it is made from\nextraordinarily dense Soma.
74 Made from condensed Soma?
75 So it did have something to do with the\nregion's Soma balance.
76 Perhaps by making a contract with me,
77 Idea gained an increased affinity with\nthe Apocrypha,
78 and somehow that caused it to enter\nher body.
79 Somehow?
80 That, I do not know. At any rate, this\nis merely conjecture.
81 I see.<ed>
82 Hmm... <wc30>why do I get the feeling you're\nhidin' something?
83 Well, not like we have any choice but\nto take your word for it.
84 Even so, who were those guys? Seems\nlike they were after the Apocrypha.<ed>
85 Idea... <wc30>did you know those guys?<ed>
86 ...No.
87 I see...<ed>
88 I'm sorry, I...<wc30>
89 Even though I begged you to take me\nalong, I still can't remember anything.
90 No need to be impatient.
91 Secundady is very experienced when it\ncomes to Soma.
92 If that key is made of condensed\nSoma,
93 we'll find out the reason it entered\nyour body soon enough.<ed>
94 Well then, let's return to Amati.
95 We need to let the Priest confirm\nwhether that key is Amati's relic.
96 Until a full investigation can be done,\nwhat you've just seen is classified.
97 Are we clear?
98 Roger.<ed>
99 (Adonis...)
100 (I... <wc30>Why did I recite the same words\nthat he did?)<ed>
101 Welt, umm...
102 Hmm?
103 Thank you for protecting me.\nAre you hurt?
104 Huh? <wc30>Oh, I'm fine!
105 Don't worry. I... I'm the one who's in\ncharge of looking after you, after all.<ed>