250 Act.1: Orpheus D

De Soma Bringer
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0 Forte
1 Cage? The Soma Cage, you mean?
2 It looks a lot different from our Soma\nCages,
3 but then it's probably extremely old.
4 Millers
5 Huh, so basically you're a Guardian\nSoma orphan.<ed>
6 Orpheus
7 ............<ed>
8 Idea
9 ............
10 Cadenza
11 What is it, Idea?
12 Just ahead...
13 I feel something... some kind of energy\nflowing.
14 Einsatz
15 You can sense Soma energy?
16 What? Is a Guardian Soma contract\nreally that handy?
17 Not just for using Soma without a\ncage?
18 I don't know if that's the reason.\nIt's just a feeling...<ed>
19 Everyone...\nit would be best to hurry.
20 Someone is altering the flow of Soma.
21 At this rate the grade will become too\nsharp, and the ruins will collapse.
22 Welt
23 "Someone", you say!
24 They're the ones causing the Apocrypha\nto make that strange "ringing" sound!?<ed>