249 Act.1: Orpheus C

De Soma Bringer
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0 Millers
1 H-hey, Idea...<ed>
2 Welt
3 Watch out!!<ed>
4 Idea
5 Ahhhh!
6 W-what's happening...!?<ed>
7 Who are you...?
8 ???
9 ............<ed>
10 My name...
11 It...\nIt talked!?<ed>
12 My name is <c3>Orpheus</c>.
13 ...Orpheus?
14 Forte
15 Look at the size of the cage.\nThat thing's body is made of Soma!
16 Granada
17 Made of Soma?\nThere's no way...
18 Cadenza
19 It's just like the one I saw at\nSecundady, in ancient records.<ed>
20 Ancient records...?\nWhat "one"?
21 A "<c3>Guardian Soma</c>", Welt.<ed>
22 Guardian...<wc30> Soma?
23 Soma energy that's condensed in some\nway or another,
24 then given form and consciousness...\nright?
25 Wow, Millers. You sure know your stuff.
26 I study a bit.
27 Apparently many beings like this\nexisted, long ago.
28 People made contracts with them, and\ngained immense Soma powers.
29 They loyally guarded their contractees,\nso they became known as Guardian Soma.
30 Einsatz
31 But records of Guardian Soma beings\ngradually faded from history.
32 Later generations have tried to\nreproduce that power,
33 but all we've managed to create are\nthose Soma Cages.
34 So beings like this used to exist a\nlong time ago...
35 Orpheus, was it?
36 Why did a Guardian Soma such as\nyourself attack us?
37 Orpheus
38 Attack you?<ed>
39 The "power" flowing through this land\nhas become extremely unbalanced.
40 As a result, my "awakening" must have\nbeen incomplete.
41 So, you're fine now?
42 Yes.<ed>
43 (...Although, why is it that I have\nawakened?)<ed>
44 (You...!)
45 W-what?
46 Hey, don't stare at Idea like that.<ed>
47 (So the time has come...)<ed>
48 For freeing me, I wish to compensate\nyou.
49 Compensate?
50 A contract.
51 I shall allow one of you to become my\nConductor.
52 What's this about a contract all of a\nsudden...
53 Worry not. The vessel shall not be you.
54 ...Wha!?<ed>
55 The girl... <wc30>I shall borrow her frame for\nthe time being.
56 Ehh?<ed>
57 What the heck.\nIt really just went inside her...
58 D-does that mean the contract is\ncomplete?
59 Contract? <wc30>\nDid I?
60 So it seems.
61 I expected there to be more to it than\nthat, but...
62 That was surprisingly simple.<ed>
63 ............
64 Are you alright, Idea?<ed>
65 Yeah, I'm fine.<wc30>\n...!
66 Welt, your hand...<wc30>\nIt's hurt.
67 Oh, this?\nIt's just a scrape, from the battle.
68 I'm okay.\nIt's nothing to worry about.<ed>
69 Idea!?
70 !?<wc30>\nI-I...
71 Woah, amazing!\n<wc30>It's completely healed now!
72 Really?
73 All I did was think that Welt's wound\nmust be painful.<ed>
74 I see. By doing that, you invoked\nHealing Soma.
75 Jadis
76 Pretty impressive.
77 So by making a contract with a Guardian\nSoma, you can use Soma without a cage.
78 That's a really useful ability.
79 In that case, Miss Idea,
80 I think we may have just gained a new\ncombat asset.
81 Me?<ed>
82 W-<wc15>wait a second.
83 I'm against involving Idea in any\nbattles.
84 Hmm. <wc30>But that healing power is pretty\namazing, isn't it?
85 There's no denying that, but...<ed>
86 I'll be okay.
87 I've imposed on you to take me with you\nthis far.
88 If I can be useful in any way, I want\nto help.
89 But...<ed>
90 Worry not. Due to her contract with me,
91 I can contact you telepathically by\nmeans of Idea's Soma.
92 Orpheus!?
93 She should also be able to use Soma of\nany caliber.<ed>
94 Idea.
95 You could have one Guardian Soma\ncontract or a hundred,\nbut you still have no actual combat \nexperience.
96 We'll do our best to protect you,\n\nbut you must take refuge at the first\nsign of danger.
97 At least promise us that much.
98 Yes, I understand.<ed>
99 Idea...<ed>
100 Tch! How come that girl got chosen,\nof all people?
101 How come I wasn't picked instead?
102 It's probably only attracted to good\nlooks. Yep.
103 Hey! You may be the Vice Captain, but\nthat's just cruel!
104 Just kidding, don't get all angry.
105 ...Sheesh.<ed>
106 Anyway, what was a Guardian Soma doing\nin a place like this?
107 Hey, Orpheus. You familiar with these\nruins?<ed>
108 I was abandoned here, along with that\ncage.<ed>