245 Act.1: Ruins Militia

De Soma Bringer
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0 Jadis
1 Hey, hang in there.
2 Leste
3 W-who're you!?
4 Einsatz
5 Pharzuph. The priest sent us to rescue\nyou.
6 ...I see.
7 When we came to investigate the ruins,\nwe ran into some unexpected company...
8 Welt
9 Unexpected company? Say, 4 people?
10 Their goal is probably the Apocrypha,\non the lowest floor.
11 That's Amati's most treasured relic. We\ncan't let outsiders get their hands―
12 Can you describe the people who\nattacked you?
13 Never seen them before. They were\nwearing foreign clothes.
14 Also, they attacked us with fire and\nlightning... controlling Soma at will.
15 I've never seen such terrible Soma\nflames...
16 Soma-users, you say...
17 That means there are others besides\nPharzuph?
18 Granada
19 This is a troublesome development.
20 Okay, we understand the situation.
21 Let us take care of those guys.\nPlease, return to Amati.
22 We wiped out the Visitors that have\nappeared thus far,
23 but we have no control over when more\nmight spring up.
24 Excuse me...
25 I hear a strange ring, coming from the\narea where the Apocrypha is enshrined.
26 I'm wondering if maybe that could be\nthe reason,
27 for all the Visitors and the Soma field\nanomalies.
28 Please, before those other guys do\nsomething...
29 Millers
30 That's been our mission from the start.
31 Leave it to us. We'll track it down,\nand send it back gift-wrapped.
32 Thank you for your help.<ed>