241 Act.1: Amati Ruins B

De Soma Bringer
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0 Cadenza
1 Amazing...\nLook at that.
2 From here you can see the continent's\nhighest peak, the Gran Cassa mountain.
3 Forte
4 Hey, Millers. What's that fissure running\nfrom here to the mountain?
5 Millers
6 What?<wc15>\nThat's impossible.
7 Jadis
8 Hey, couldn't it have happened a few\ndays ago because of Junel Forest?
9 Now that you mention it...
10 Granada
11 Could the forest explosion really have\ncaused fissures this far away?<ed>
12 Idea
13 (Forest explosion...)
14 Einsatz
15 That site is still under investigation.
16 Our priority now is to rescue those\nmilitiamen. <wc30>Let's hurry.
17 Welt
18 Idea, are you alright?
19 Huh? Yeah...<ed>