238 Act.1: Getting the Letter

De Soma Bringer
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0 Talon
1 Wow, you really defeated them all.<ed>
2 OK, we stand by our words.
3 You can enter <c5>Devon Cave</c> through\n<c5>Downtown</c> in <c5>Amati</c>.
4 Leave the caves to the north and you'll\ncome out in <c5>Moira Cliffs</c>.
5 Keep going northeast of Moira Cliffs to\nreach the entrance to the <c5>Amati ruins</c>.<ed>
6 Now, take this <c3>Letter of Introduction</c>.
7 There's a guy guarding the cave\nentrance in <c5>Downtown</c>.
8 That's our buddy, <c3>Tony</c>. Hand this to\nhim.<ed>