183-3 Act.1: (NPC) Second Violin

De Soma Bringer
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0 Second Violin
1 A customer, in a place like this?\nHow d'ya like this beautiful vase?\nI'll give it to you for cheap!
2 ...Oh, wait.\nYou ain't a customer, are you?<ed>
3 We're all here for various reasons...\nsome of us came from poor areas.
4 As for me, well, I'm just here 'cause I\ndidn't want to work an honest job.<ed>
5 The stonemasons repair the ruins we\nbreak into. They're paid by the priest...\nin other words, the Holy Land.
6 Hehe... whaddaya think? Not a bad\noperation us and the masons have got\ngoin' on in Downtown Amati, huh?<ed>