183-2 Act.1: (NPC) Tim E

De Soma Bringer
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0 Tim E
1 I'm from the Timpani tribe.\nA thief's life is surprisingly hard.<ed>
3 Which hint would you like to hear?
4 Gravestones\nEnding the Game\nDropped Chests\nMagic Items\nChest Colors\nEXP\nCancel
5 During Multiplay, you will earn <c4>EXP</c> when\nyour allies defeat enemies on the same\nmap,
6 but enemies defeated on a different\nmap won't give you any <c4>EXP</c>.
7 You also divide your combat ability by\nfighting separately from your allies, so\nit's not a very good strategy.
8 Make sure not to lose track of your\nallies' whereabouts.<ed>
9 There are three <c4>treasure chest</c> types,\nwith a <c4>chest</c>'s appearance denoting the\nrank of the equipment it contains.
10 As for enemy drops, if they don't\ncontain any equipment, they will show\nup as a <c4>bag</c>.<ed>
11 <c4>Chests</c> placed on the map will go to\nwhoever can reach them first,
12 but <c4>chests</c> dropped by enemies contain\ndifferent items for each player, so\ndon't worry about getting them first.
13 However, if you let 20 dropped <c4>chests</c>\nsit on a map and another one drops,
14 the oldest <c4>chest</c> will disappear, so keep\nthat in mind.<ed>
15 Some equipment comes with various bonus\neffects (item abilities) attached.
16 These pieces of equipment are known as\n<c4>Magic Items</c>.
17 The bonus type is random, so similar\nitems can have different effects.<ed>
18 You lose EXP when you're killed, but if\nyou touch the <c4>gravestone</c> you leave,
19 you can regain a portion of the EXP\nyou lost.
20 However, if you're killed again before\nyou can reach the <c4>gravestone</c>,
21 it will disappear when the new one is\ncreated, so be careful.<ed>
22 When you end the game or move to a\ndifferent Act,
23 any <c4>dropped chests, gravestones, or\nSoma Gates</c> will disappear,
24 while <c4>enemies, chests, and pillars</c> will\nrespawn in their original locations.
25 All enemies will be revived at full HP,
26 so if you don't want to have to clear\nthe same areas multiple times,
27 don't forget to activate any Gates you\nfind.<ed>