178-6 Act.1: (NPC) Puffling

De Soma Bringer
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0 Puffling
1 Man, my tools done broke in the middle\nof a job. If I could just get to <c5>Parma\nCave</c>, I left some extra parts there...
2 But there's been a whole rash of\nVisitors poppin' up around there lately,\nhasn't there.
3 I don't wanna go to a scary place like\nthat! Won't somebody go get those parts\nfor me...
5 Accept quest?
6 Yes\nNo
7 You did it?\nOh man, I'm saved.
8 I left the <c3>Repair Parts</c> back in <c5>Parma\nCave</c>.<ed>
9 Oh, I gotta thank you guys somehow.\nHere, how about this.\nTake it, it's your reward.
10 ...Wait, your bag's full? Go figure that\nout and then come talk to me.<ed>
11 It's worn out, but you can probably get\nsome cash if you sell it.<ed>
12 Thanks.\nNow I can finish my work.<ed>