178-5 Act.1: (NPC) Tim D

De Soma Bringer
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0 Tim B
1 I'm from the Timpani tribe.\nThere are Ordital soldiers wandering the\nstreets in this city.<ed>
3 Which hint would you like to hear?
4 Poverty\nRage\nVisitors\nHP Gauge\nPetrify/Freeze\nQuests\nCancel
5 When an enemy's health diminishes, it\nmay go into <c4>Rage</c> status.
6 A <c4>raging</c> enemy turns red, gains more\nattack power, attack speed, and move\nspeed, and becomes immune to Break.
7 Its resistances also decrease during\nthis time, so strategies include focused\nattacks in order to defeat it quickly,
8 or retreating until the <c4>Rage</c> effect runs\nout.<ed>
9 Enemies possessed by a <c4>Visitor</c> have all\nof their stats increased, so they will\nbe more difficult than usual to fight.
10 You cannot deal damage to a <c4>Visitor</c>\nwhile it is possessing another enemy,
11 so focus on either removing it from its\nhost or defeating all of the nearby\nenemies that it could possess.<ed>
12 You can discern several things from the\n<c4>HP Gauge</c>, including the enemy's rank\nand whether it is host to a Visitor.
13 Identical enemies can differ greatly in\nstrength based on their rank,
14 So make sure to check the enemy's <c4>HP\nGauge</c> before fighting it, and cooperate\nwith your allies against tough enemies.<ed>
15 <c4>Petrify and Freeze status</c> render you\nunable to move,
16 but caution is particularly necessary as\nyou can be destroyed by attacks.
17 Destruction means instant death no\nmatter how much HP you have left,
18 so raise your Water and Earth\nresistances to protect yourself.<ed>
19 When there's something you want to buy\nbut you don't have enough <c4>money</c>,
20 The quickest and easiest way to raise\nfunds is to sell unwanted items.
21 However, once an item is sold it can\nnever be bought back,
22 so make sure to double-check before\nyou sell something.<ed>
23 Townspeople all have their own problems\nand concerns.
24 Those people with a <c3>?</c> mark above their\nheads have requests for you, so take\nthe time to speak to them.
25 When you've completed their requests,\ndon't forget to return to these clients\nin order to receive your reward.
26 You can review the details of each\nrequest in the Quest Log.<ed>