177-2 Act.1: (NPC) Fiedel

De Soma Bringer
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0 Fiedel
1 Please, listen!\nMy mom is sick, but the doctor has\ngiven up on her...
2 But, I heard from a certain source that\nthere's this thing called <c3>Poluru Water</c>\nthat can cure any illness.
3 On a day with a calm breeze like today,\nthe springs where it flows don't reflect\na lot of light.
4 I can only see one from this tree...\nHey, look, over <c5>by those ruins</c>, I can\nsee something shimmering!
5 But those underground ruins have\nseemingly turned into a den of monsters\nnow... I can't...
6 Hey, you're strong, aren't you?\nI can tell!
7 Oh, please!\nWon't you please go draw some <c3>Spring\nWater</c> for me?
9 Accept quest?
10 Yes\nNo
11 Thank you!!
12 It doesn't look like you can reach the\narea where I saw the spring normally.
13 You probably have to get there from\n<c5>within the underground ruins</c>, but...<ed>
14 This is Poluru Water!\nThank you so much!!
15 I want to thank you somehow, but...\noh man... I don't have anything...
16 Ah, you can have some of the water.\n...Well, maybe if your <c4>Bag</c> wasn't full.
17 Once you've sorted that out, won't you\ncome talk to me again?<ed>
18 Ah, you can have some of the water.\nHere, please take it.<ed>
19 Mom's completely better now.\nTruly, thank you so much!<ed>