176-7 Act.1: (NPC) Rest

De Soma Bringer
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0 Rest
1 Oh, it's you. Actually, something's been\ntroubling me...
2 After clearing away the fallen rocks\nthat were blocking the exit to <c5>Gavon\nCave</c>,
3 I went to make sure there was nothing\nwrong inside, when I was suddenly\nattacked by monsters.
4 I ended up dropping an important <c3>photo</c>\nthat my father gave to me.
5 I'm not strong enough to go get it...\nPlease, will you bring it back for me?
7 Accept quest?
8 Yes\nNo
9 I'm counting on you. Gavon Cave is in\n<c5>the area north of Lota Plains</c>.<ed>
10 Ohh! My darling Alda! I thought I'd\nnever see you again.
11 Thank you so much. Please take this\nnecklace as my thanks.\n-Oh, is your <c4>bag</c> full?
12 Go take care of that and come give me\na holler. I'll be waiting right here.<ed>
13 Thank you so much. Please take this\nnecklace as a token of my thanks.<ed>
14 I'm keeping this photo a secret from\nthe stonemasons in Downtown.<ed>