106-1 Misc: (NPC) Affe

De Soma Bringer
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0 Affe
1 From our warships to our abilities,\nSoma energy is used to power all sorts\nof things!<ed>
2 Yesterday it was fish, today it's fish\ntoo... man, this sucks, I'm allergic...<ed>
3 I got a care package from my parents.\nI was all excited about opening it, but\nit was just a tacky sweater...<ed>
4 Women really do like sweet candy more\nthan the salty kind, don't they?<ed>
5 To tell the truth, I've always admired\nSuperintendent Ishtar...
6 Hey! What's with that "who cares" look\nyou're giving me!?<ed>
7 I had a dream recently about when I\npassed the Pharzuph entrance exam.\nI'll never forget that moment!<ed>
8 You know that Blik guy in the Workshop?\nI gotta wonder what makes him tick.<ed>