106-0 Misc: (PARTY) Forte

De Soma Bringer
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0 Forte
1 What a lovely observation room!\nThis has got to be my favorite place!<ed>
2 This place has been full of surprises\nlately! I can't believe that Millers and\nSupervisor Ishtar are sisters!
3 Huh? Ruins? Apocrypha?\nAh, well that stuff happens too!<ed>
4 That bombardment back there must have\ncome from the fortress, Grave.<ed>
5 Getz and the vice captain started out\non bad terms,
6 but it looks like they'll be good\nfriends from here on out!<ed>
7 I guess this is where Idea's journey\nends.<ed>
8 So this is Welt's hometown, huh? I'm\nreally excited to find out what kind of\nplace he grew up in!<ed>
9 Back in the cave was the second time\nthat welt started glowing like that.
10 I wonder if he's going to end up\nturning into an Umbras too someday...<ed>
11 Ever since I was little, I always had\ndreams about a bright red Ring Tower.
12 Don't tell me that day has really come\nnow...<ed>
13 Ever since Welt met Idea, he's really\nbeen acting like an adult! Maybe it's\nbecause he's grown a little bit?<ed>