105 Misc: (PARTY) Jadis

De Soma Bringer
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0 Jadis
1 I overslept again today, so I missed out\non breakfast...<ed>
2 Can't believe the Ordital army is\nexposing its military opterations and\nasking Secundady for help...<ed>
3 Monica's usually so stoic. I'm concerned\nto see such an expression on her face.<ed>
4 Maybe when I get some time off, I'll go\nwith Monica to help rebuild Ordital...
5 Huh? I still have vacation time left...?<ed>
6 Finally, Maran Asa. It might be nice to\ntake some time off.<ed>
7 Man, that flying Enjambre thing looked\nreally impressive!
8 To be able to control such an ancient\nrelic, who the heck are those guys...!?<ed>
9 A tower that rejects living beings...?\nSounds exciting!
10 We'll show them what happens if you\nmess with us!!<ed>
11 The city was wiped out a long time ago?\nHope there aren't any ghosts there...<ed>
12 We've got them cornered this time for\nsure! Once this whole chain of events\nis settled, let's go have a feast!<ed>