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De Soma Bringer
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1 Why was I sleeping in a place like\nthat...?<ed>
2 Everyone in Pharzuph is so nice...\nI want to be helpful to them too.<ed>
3 The Soma is... crying?\nI can't describe it too well,\nbut that's how it feels...<ed>
4 If we're heading to Maran Asa, I'm going\nto have to say goodbye to everyone.
5 After finally making all these friends,\nI'm going to feel a little lonely...<ed>
6 I want to stay here...\nI'm sure that's not possible, though...<ed>
7 Now I'm a member of Pharzuph, too! It's\ngreat to be working with you again!<ed>
8 I...\nI'm scared of these powers I have...
9 If I really did something to Welt's body\nlike they said I did...\nI......<ed>
10 We have to stop Adonis...\nAt this rate, that man will...<ed>
11 I have a feeling that I'll remember\nsomething soon- about what happened\nbefore I met you all in Junel Forest...
12 I'm a little scared... but I'm okay, since\nWelt and the others are with me!<ed>