103-4 Misc: (NPC) Hirsch

De Soma Bringer
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0 Hirsch
1 Visitors are a worldwide menace.\nIt's said that they came from space,\nbut nobody really knows for sure.<ed>
2 No matter how cute it may look, you'd\nbetter not ever grab onto a Nabarian's\ntail!<ed>
3 To think, Ishtar is there in person at\nSecundady Headquarters! Not like I'm\ngonna get to meet her, though...<ed>
4 Despite how he looks, Jadis is actually\nscared of ghosts!<ed>
5 I wish the Schildkröte had an anti-\nmagnetic shield, too...<ed>
6 Apparently Myrtle's not very good with\nheights. I hope he'll be okay...<ed>
7 While you guys are out, we'll take good\ncare of the Schildkröte!<ed>