103-1 Misc: (PARTY) Granada

De Soma Bringer
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0 Granada
1 The relic's disappearance and the\nVisitors' arrival...\ncertainly, we cannot be sure that they\nare unrelated...<ed>
2 A request for aid from Ordital...
3 This is only a rumor, but I heard that\nthey are putting extensive research into\nautomated weapons...
4 Perhaps there is some relation?<ed>
5 In the end, the power of Soma is\ncertainly not something that amateurs\ncan easily handle...<ed>
6 It seems that Colonel Getz has taken\ncommand of Ordital's reconstruction in\nplace of the fugitive General Angst.<ed>
7 Maran Asa... a hive of distrust and\nscheming...<ed>
8 I have a feeling that we've been\nshouldered with a difficult burden...<ed>
9 Perhaps it is best that Secundady HQ\ndoes not learn about Eleos...<ed>
10 Master Laban...\nwere Visitors truly necessary to realize\nyour utopia...?<ed>
11 Cremona, the city in the sky... to think\nthat the fairy tales my grandmother told\nme as a child were true...<ed>