103-0 Misc: (PARTY) Einsatz

De Soma Bringer
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0 Einsatz
1 Are you ready to set out? You should\nadjust your equipment in the Workshop.<ed>
2 I reported our investigation of the\nruins to Secundady headquarters,
3 but our conversation with Ishtar felt a\nlittle stilted...<ed>
4 Don't forget that our goal in Pharzuph\nis not just to eliminate Visitors,
5 but to specialize in mitigating all the\nrisks associated with Soma.<ed>
6 I'm sure Colonel Getz can rebuild Ordital\ninto an honest nation.<ed>
7 At last, Maran Asa... our extended\nmission will finally be over.<ed>
8 I heard about Master Laban's accident 3\nyears ago. I'm concerned about what it\nhad to do with Soma research...<ed>
9 Eleos followed Master Laban's footsteps\nand headed to Benes...
10 but he was attacked by Fedelta along\nthe way and made into an Umbras...
11 Master and the Umbras...\nI wish I could connect the dots...<ed>
12 The derelict Sky City... we'll learn\nViola's true identity there.<ed>
13 Looking down from here, I feel like\nhuman existence is so insignificant...<ed>