101-5 Misc: (NPC) Esel

De Soma Bringer
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0 Esel
1 Secundady is made up of seven\nbranches, each with its own master.<ed>
2 Ordital is manufacturing Soma Cages with\nits own brand of technology. Secundady\nis keeping a careful eye on them...<ed>
3 The Soma balance is more disturbed than\never in the desert around Maran Asa.\nWhat could have happened...?<ed>
4 The Soma balance in the desert seems\nto have calmed down now.\nWas that thanks to all of you?<ed>
5 Zorya Village is situated on a craggy\nmountainside. It must have been hard to\nget the Schildkröte this close to it.<ed>
6 Apparently, Secundady HQ's warship\nHäschen has a research lab onboard.\nThat's a giant battleship for you!<ed>
7 The Soma levels here are incredible\ncompared to the the surface.
8 Is Soma really what's keeping this city\nafloat...?<ed>
9 We can't detect Soma at all here...\nI wonder what's going on.<ed>
10 We're detecting a high amount of Soma\nin this area...\nproceed with caution.<ed>