101-4 Misc: (NPC) Krahe

De Soma Bringer
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0 Krähe
1 Our group, Pharzuph, is controlled by\nthe Secundady organization, which is\nlocated in Holy Land Maran Asa.<ed>
2 Ordital is led by an autonomous division\nof Nabarians who plan to use military\nforce to expand into Barnea.<ed>
3 The Holy Land is a large country in\nwhich every nation has a parish.\nIt takes a neutral position politically.<ed>
4 I hear that the Zorya mountain range is\na harsh land where snow falls all year\nround, but it's Welt's home!<ed>
5 Ginas Lava Zone is the world's most\nactive volcanic region. The lava here\ncreates a powerful magnetic field.<ed>
6 I had no idea Cremona was the source\nof all these ancient ruins...!<ed>
7 What a strange place. It doesn't look\nlike anyone's still living here... make\nsure you're prepared before you go.<ed>