101-2 Misc: (PARTY) Millers

De Soma Bringer
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0 Millers
1 Dockin' at Amati, huh? I'm not too\nexcited about that. Oh? No particular\nreason or anythin'.<ed>
2 I think it cheered me up goin' back to\nAmati after all that time.
3 Guess like they say, you'll always be\nfond of your hometown.<ed>
4 Can't we use our power to put a stop\nto all those berserk machines...!?<ed>
5 Can't believe we found an Apocrypha in\nthe mobile weapon at the core!
6 Jeez, what the heck was that bigwig at\nOrdital up to!?<ed>
7 Ahh, it's so hot! Is the air conditioning\nbroken or somethin'? I can't stand this\nheat!<ed>
8 When we were walkin' the streets of\nMaran Asa, I ended up gettin' called\nMiss Visitor Exterminator!
9 We are the best of the best when it\ncomes to fightin' Visitors, but still!<ed>
10 First a snow mountain, then a volcano?\nThat freakin' red pyramid won't rest!\nWhy couldn't it be easier to follow!?<ed>
11 Big sis...\nI had no idea you were secretly keepin'\nan eye on Master Laban!<ed>
12 The Schildkröte really teleported! If\nbig sis heard about this, she'd flip!<ed>