101-1 Misc: (PARTY) Cadenza

De Soma Bringer
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0 Cadenza
1 Amati feels similar to my own hometown,\nsomehow.<ed>
2 Just who were those 4 people we met in\nthe ruins...?<ed>
3 You can't think of Soma's power as just\nanother "natural resource" like water or\nminerals...<ed>
4 We can't let a situation like Ordital's\nhappen again...
5 That's why we need to change people's\nattitudes about the power of Soma.<ed>
6 I have a close friend in the Holy Land.\nI wonder how he's doing?<ed>
7 Eleos...\nI wonder if he'll be okay, going to\ninvestigate Benes by himself...<ed>
8 Just what did they do to Eleos...\nno, thank you. I'm okay. I'm going to\nturn him back into his old self...!<ed>
9 Up there in the sky...\nI wonder if Eleos is there too...<ed>
10 Cremona was supposedly a lovely city.\nSo why do I feel so uneasy...?<ed>