101-0 Misc: (PARTY) Welt

De Soma Bringer
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0 Welt
1 I just enlisted recently, so I can't\nkeep track of everything. Now where\nwas that Workshop again...?<ed>
2 Idea will be staying with us for a bit\nlonger!
3 They'd better start telling me more\nabout Pharzuph and the rest of the\nworld...!<ed>
4 The fortress runs on Soma?\nYou gotta be kidding me...<ed>
5 We met that Adonis again in the core!\nI don't like him following Idea around!<ed>
6 Going to Secundady headquarters... guess\nI'll have to say goodbye to Idea soon...<ed>
7 Mom's living all by herself...\nI wonder how she's doing......<ed>
8 What did the Captain and my mother talk\nabout before we left Zorya Village?
9 S-she's not going to tell them about my\nreport card, is she...!?<ed>
10 What is Adonis scheming to do, messing\naround with the sky like that...!?<ed>
11 Maybe if I had more power, I could have\nstopped Idea from suffering like that,\nback at the Ring Tower...
12 I need to get stronger-\nI'll show them that I can protect Idea\nno matter what!<ed>