106-2 Misc: (NPC) Falke

De Soma Bringer
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0 Falke
1 I want to bring peace to the world, so\npeople don't have to fear Visitors.<ed>
2 Pharzuph's entrance exam is so tough\nthat only 1 out of 1000 pass.
3 But apparently, you can get in easily\nif you have the captain's support.<ed>
4 I don't understand this whole "Soma\ndisturbance" thing at all.<ed>
5 If you come across any disasters, let\nus know right away!<ed>
6 When it comes to fighting, I'm not\nexactly on your level, but I'm glad I\ncan sail on the same ship with you.<ed>
7 Visitors have been showing up in huge\nnumbers all over the place. What in the\nworld is going on...?<ed>
8 Take a look outside. We're surrounded\nby nature... what a beautiful view!<ed>